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For Maid Agencies
If your maids' bio-data is in NetMaid, you can then allow local Singapore maid agencies to view your bio-data. In this way, you don't have to send the bio-data by post or fax them, which will save you lots of time and money. Local Singapore maid agencies can print out the maid bio-data if they wish.
Once you join NetMaid, you will be given a username/password to allow you to enter maids' bio-data wherever you are.
Yes, if you let us know the agencies you supply maids to, we can create special username/password for each of these agencies, so that they can view or print the maids' bio-data. However, passport numbers and other sensitive information will not be accessible by these agencies.

There are two ways:

  1. You can allocate your maids bio-data such that multiple maid agencies can share the same set of bio-data. In this case, you remain as the "owner" of the bio-data. (note: only owner of the bio-data can makes changes to them, others can only view them.)
  2. You can allocate certain maids' bio-data to a particular maid agency exclusively. In this case, you will transfer the "ownership" of the bio-data to this agency. The set of bio-data now belongs to this maid agency and will not be shared by other maid agencies.
Not necessary, your agencies can view or print the bio-data without subscribing to NetMaid service.
That would be ideal! Your agencies do not need to key-in bio-data or scan-in pictures, but your maids' bio data will be assigned to the agencies accordingly.
Of course. By subscribing to NetMaid, your maids will be assigned to these agencies. The names of these agencies will appear in the Agency Preference list, and all information about them will be visible in the Agency Panel. This will greatly increase their chances of being contacted by interested employers, and correspondingly, the chances of your maids being employed.
If you are the owner of the bio-data of the selected maid, the appropriate maid agency will request you to withdraw the maid from public searching and viewing immediately. If confirmed, you can transfer the maid's bio-data to the specific agency (if this agency is a NetMaid subscriber).
In this case, you will also be acting as a maid supplier. All the questions above related to maid supplier will also apply to you.
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