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Maid Agency: OneClick Employment Agency LLP
Type: Ex Singapore
Available: within 1 week
Base Salary: S$440
Rest Day Pref.: 1 rest days per month

Akter Shewli, 25, Bangladeshi, Muslim, Married, is an ex-SIN maid who can cook Indian food. She worked in Singapore for 9 months before going home as she wanted to go home to rest after catching a bad bought of flu. In Singapore, she worked for a an Indian family and a Bangladeshi family. With the Indian family, they stayed in a private house with Sir, Madam, 26 year old daughter, 33 year old son and 2 students that were tenants there. With the Bangladeshi family, they stayed in a HDB flat, Sir, Madam, a 3 yrs and a 5 yrs old boys. She did all the house cleaning, cooking, laundry, ironing and looked after the children.

Akter is feeling rested and strong now and would like to come back to Singapore to work again.

Married (30 yrs)
Ref: OneClick...
Upd on 05-Apr-17
Maid Agency: Apple Maid Agency
Type: Ex Singapore
Available: Apr 18
Base Salary: S$500
Rest Day Pref.: 4 rest days per month


BEGUM SATERA is 35 years old, married from Bangladesh. She is hardworking, matured and responsible. She has experience in S'pore for 4 years. She is capable to look after children/elderly based on her experience. She can cook Bengali food like dhal, chapati, curry, briani, fried vegetables, pasta, noodles etc. She can speak fair English and Bahasa. She will be going back on 10th Mar and available for any job offer that is assign to her.

Below her employment history.

Apr 2014 - Mar 2018 ( 4 years ) - Worked with Bangladesh family in HDB. Consist of 5A and 2C aged aged 4 years old. Her duty take care of the 2 children. Her duty do all household chores every day such as cleaning the house, cooking, laundry, ironing the clothes, cooking and preparing their meals every day, washed the dishes, preparing school uniforms and assisting the children for their daily needs. Finish contract

Married (36 yrs)
Ref: AMI1339
Upd on 07-Mar-18
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