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Eden is a single mother of 18 years old son. She has been working as a main for almost 10 years. She has work in Arab country and in Singapore. Eden is a matured and humble person. she is a positive and hardworking lady. She is about to finished her 4 years contract and hoping that she can come back again and work after her holiday back in the Philippines.

Eden Employment History is below;

2014-2018 - She is employed by a Chinese family of 3 members, They are all adults and they are staying in a 3 storey landed house, her main duties are mainly doing all the house chores like, washing and ironing clothes, cleaning the house and cook for the family. She also do marketing when ever is required. Eden is able to cook some Chinese food and she can also cook Arabic food. She is finishing her contract and she is hoping to come back and work again after her holiday.

2009-2013 - She worked in Dubai and was employed by a Family of 6 members, they have 4 children ages 13 , 11 , 10 and 4 years old. Eden was the only main then. Her main responsibilities are to do the house work and take care of the children. She also cook simple dishes for the kids and for the family when ever is required. Eden has served the family for 4 years.

Jan 2007 to December 2008 - She worked in Kuwait and was employed by a family of 5 members, They have 3 teenager kids and they stay in a 4 storey landed house and they have 2 maids and both maids have to help each other to do general house work and cooking. its a big house and they have to manage together to meet employer expectation. They both also finish the contract and Eden went back.

For more details, please call us at 67343393

Single (37)
Ref: MAF 194
Upd on 22-Mar-18

Rosalie is 35yrs old, Catholic and single with 1 child(14yrs old). She came from Tarlac-Tarlac, Philippines. She is able to take care of newborn and above children. She is able to cook Chinese, Filipino, Western and would love to learn new dishes. She is willing to take care pets(dog & cat).

She has 11yrs of experience with almost completed 5 cycles of contracts.

Salary : SGD850.00 with weekly rest day(Sunday) and Public Holiday.

Availability: October 2018. She is available for phone/ videocall and face to face interview on March 25, April 01 and by July 08, 2018.

  • 02/2011 - Present: 7yrs 1mos, with a Singaporean- Russian family of 2 adults and 2 children(1.5 yrs old and newborn) now they are 8 yrs old boy and 6yrs old girl) in a 5BR 5T/B Condo house. She takes care of the children and managing all around household chores(cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing and marketing). Reason for transfer: Finishing contract. The FDW and employer agreed not to renew the contract because the employer family will extend another 1 year staying in Russia.
  • 28/01/2011 - 11/02/2011: 2weeks, TEMPORARY from previous agency.
  • 11/2007 - 01/2011: 3yrs 2mons, with a Diplomat Polish family of 2 adults and 2 children(3.5yrs old and newborn,both boys) in a 3BR 3T/B HDB Condo house. She took care of the children and managed all around household chores(cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing and marketing) . Reason for transfer: Completed contract. The employer's family for good in Poland. Employer Referral letter available upon request.
  • 12/2005 -10/2007: 1yr 10mons, with a Singaporean Chinese family of 2 adults and 2 teenage children in a 4BR 3T/B 3 storey Landed house. She took care of the big dog and managed all around household chores(cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, marketing and carwashing) . Reason for transfer: Almost completed contract. The FDW not agreed for the salary increment of S$10.00.
  • She took care of her own child(son) from 0 to 1.5 yrs old.

For FDW interview, please contact :

Office 6737 8489
Michelle 9127 1986
Cecilia 9012 3293

Single (35)
Ref: OESS_556
Upd on 22-Mar-18

Jenalyn Tagayun Frogoso, a 36-year-old single mother of a 13-year-old son from Cabagan Isabela. Her father has passed away while her mother is working as a farmer in their province. She ranks 3 out of 5 in her family. After completing her high school education in 2003, she helped her parents in their vegetables farm for several years before applying to work as a domestic helper in Lebanon. Currently, she is looking after her son and helping her mother in the farm in the province while waiting for her application in Singapore to be selected.

Jenalyn describes her personality as quiet, sensible and hardworking. As a mother, Jenalyn is capable of looking after infants/children and understands the importance of sterilising their bottles and toys. She maintains the cleanliness of her current home and other household chores such as laundry, ironing, dish washing and enjoys preparing Lebanese and Filipino meals for her family. She wants to work in Singapore so as to save for her son's future education. During her free time now, Jenalyn attends church and tutors her son's studies.

Oct 2011 - Nov 2017 (Lebanon) served as an all-round housemaid for a elderly couple in their late 60s living in a 2-storey house. In the morning, she would wake up about 6am to prepare coffee and cereal for the couple, before starting her housekeeping duties such as ironing, vacuuming, doing the laundry, cleaning the windows and gardening. She cooked simple Lebanese meals like chicken kebabs, hummus and falelfel. Jenalyn completed her contract and served this family for 6 years.

Upon confirmation, Jenalyn will undergo in-house training in an accredited centre and POEA training and processing prior to deployment to Singapore. She can be interviewed by phone or video upon request. Recommended salary is $570.00 per month.

Married (36)
Ref: SPN270
Upd on 18-Mar-18
Single (24)
Ref: AMAH-4
Upd on 22-Mar-18

July 2017 To Present (Singapore)

-Currently working for a local chinese family with 1 adult and 1 child (10 yr old) in a HDB with a big dog. Her duties includes childcare, dog care, cooking and general housekeeping. Her boss would like to have a helper that's good in cooking.

Single Parent (26)
Ref: AEA18
Upd on 20-Mar-18
Married (36)
Ref: UE105
Upd on 21-Mar-18

Helen has worked as a helper for 3 years.

2014 to 2017 worked in Singapore looking after one child age 3 months to 3 years and grandfather of age 70 years old. She assists in the elderly's daily needs, feeding medicine, carrying from wheelchair to bed and bathing him. Does all around household chores, cleaning, cooking, ironing and washing. Employer stays in a HDB with 4 rooms.

Father is a carpenter and mother is a housekeeper. She is urgently needed of work again for the sake of her children education and future. Helen is the breadwinner in the family . She also needs to help her parents financially.

Helen is cheerful, has positive attitude, hardworking and independant. She listens and follows instructions.

Able to come 2 weeks upon work permit approval.

Separated (38)
Ref: UD1529
Upd on 19-Mar-18

Rochelle is matured and hardworking.

From 2012 - Present - She work in Ilocos as a helper doing housekeeping, cooking and looking after an 11 years old.

She had experienced looking after bedridden from her Grandfather.

Separated (33)
Ref: Chit / 06
Upd on 20-Mar-18

DONNA FE DOMINGO MAGAYANO, 34 years old, single parent with one son age 9. She was born, raised and settled with the family Nueva Vizcaya and the second child among 3 siblings. In 2001, she completed her high school education in her hometown in the Philippines.


Donna consistently showed enthusiasm, attention to detail, and compassion in everything she did. She performs every task with discipline, focus and commitment and possess the energy and dedication needed to groom infants and toddlers. Particularly, she is talented in:

  • Providing fun and friendly atmosphere for family and children
  • Watching over children to ensure their safety
  • Actively initiating games, arts and crafts
  • Changing diapers and assisting children in their toileting needs
  • Preparing and serving snacks and bottle-feeding infants
  • Cleaning children play areas and care for their toys

She enjoys reading, loves cooking, gardening, and crafts. She goes to church on Sundays.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Wide breadth of domestic service experience
  • Strong skills in cleaning and neatening rooms
  • Exceptional child care abilities
  • Knowledge in cooking Filipino and Chinese dishes. Able to follow recipies and cooking books.
  • Good skills in light gardening and pet care

Employment Background:

1) Singapore (Nov 2009 - July 2013) - Childcare, General Housework, Cooking

  • She worked for a Chinese-Singaporean family living in a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom HDB flat with a couple in their 30's and their 2-year-old daughter when she joined the family.
  • Responsibilities:
  • Duration: 3.8 years
  • Reason for Leaving: The family moved to Hongkong.

2) Singapore (Oct 2013 - Feb 2016) - Newborn, Childcare, General Housework, Cooking, Marketing, Car Washing

  • She was recommended by her first employer to a friend. Another Chinese-Singaporean family living in a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom condo with a couple in their 30's, a 10-month old boy and newborn baby girl.
  • Duration: 2.4 years
  • Reason for Leaving: She finished her contract and was extended for another 4 months. The lady employer resigned from her job and decided to be a stay-home-mom. Full time maid is no more required.

3) Singapore (May 2016 - Present) - Childcare, General Housework, Cooking, Marketing

  • Currently, she is working for a Chinese-Singaporean family living in a 4-bedroom, 3-bedroom condo with a couple in their 40's and their 2 sons aged 2 and 4 years at the start of her tenure.

She nearly finishes her contract by 28th of April 2018 and wants to try working for another family. She is seeking for a new employment and available for a face-to-face interview on Sundays on the arranged timing. She would welcome the opportunity of an interview to discuss her relevant skills and qualifiications further.

Single Parent (34)
Ref: MEA_MFG_...
Upd on 22-Mar-18

3 Days Promo until 24 March, 2018

For Free Interview please call :
(Pls sms for call back with your requirements if lines are busy)

Orchard ,Far East Shopping :67330407 / 6734 8346 / 6733 8348
Bukit Timah Shopping Centre :64630407 / 6467 6757
Lucky Plaza :6737 0018 /6737 0023

Single (34)
Ref: AT06-0115
Upd on 22-Mar-18

Please contact us for more information.

Staffers Manpower Centre
Reg. No.: R1107315

82 MacPherson Lane #01-23
Tel: 6243 8983

Married (31)
Ref: 26/2/18
Upd on 16-Mar-18

Maybelle , is 32 years old , single but experience in taking care of children and elderly .

Her first employer is Indian American family of 4 , her main duties are taking care of children 7, 5 years old , general house work , cooking .

Working experience here in Singapore on , 19/07/2015 - 04/01/2016 .

And her second employer is Singaporean Chinese family last work , 04/01/2016 - 25/08/2017 .

Her main duties are taking care of ama and ahkong , cooking , general house work .

Single (31)
Ref: PMG 6393
Upd on 22-Mar-18

Rowena Rosario is 36 years old married with one son 14years old. Worked in Singapore for 12 years. She is hardworking, patient and independent. She is suitable for young kids. She can cook Asian, Western and Chinese food and willing to learn in different cuisine, and can follow recipe book too. She has knowledged in baking . Can interview and release anytime.


OCT. 2006 - SEPT. 2008
* 4 Adults including Elderly
* HDB house
*General Housekeeping
*Reason: Finished Contract
OCT. 2008 -SEPT 2017
* 2 Adults
*1 Elderly
*3 Children / 25. 21, & 7 years old
* Child Minding
* General Housekeeping
* Reason: Finished Contract
SEPT. 2017 DEC. 2017
*2 Adults
*1 Child / 2 years old
*Child Minding
* 2 Adults
* Condominium
* 1 Child / 2 years old
* 1 Cat
* Child Minding
*General Housekeeping
For more information and prior appoinment. Contact Jobsearch Tel. No. 68386398 / 68365795 or
Whatsapp +65 91469841 (Gemma) / +65 83997670 Lynn)
Married (36)
Ref: TF5969
Upd on 22-Mar-18





We are an accredited agency with the Philippines Agency

Single (32)
Ref: JMM 27
Upd on 22-Mar-18
  • Experienced as a domestic helper working in Philippines
  • Experienced in caring for newborn babies/young children due to personal experience as a Mother

Sheila Mae is a 25yo Filipino domestic helper. She is blessed with 2 young daughters aged 4 and 6. Her husband and mother-in-law will be caring for the girls when she is working in Singapore. Her husband is a farmer. To supplement the family's income, she will like to work in Singapore so that she can provide a better future for her daughters.

Year 2015 Jan to Year 2018 Jan : Sheila Mae was working as a live-in domestic helper in Philippines. There were 5 family members - Sir, Mam and 3 children aged 3yo, 7yo and 10yo. The house was a 3bedroom apartment. Sheila Mae was in charge of caring for the children and she had to shower the children, changed the diapers, prepared the milk and food and feed them. In addition, she had to manage the household chores like cleaning, washing, laundry, ironing and cooking.

After 3 years of working with the same employer, Sheila Mae will like to seek for an employment in Singapore so that she can earn a better salary to support her children's education as her elder daughter needs to attend elementary school soon.

Video Introduction:

During our face to face interview, Sheila Mae expressed her desire to care for babies and young children. She does not have experience caring for the elderly but is very willing to learn. Our agent observed that Sheila Mae has a cheerful personality and should be able to provide good care for babies and young children due to both her working and personal experience as a Mother.

During her free time, Sheila likes to sing, listen to music and cook filipino cuisines for her family.

She will like to request for 1 off day a month to recharge.

Please call Charlene at 8388 7833 or email for more information.

For more domestic helper selections, click on

Married (25)
Ref: Sheila M...
Upd on 23-Mar-18

Michelle C. Canas

(Local experience)


Michelle is 38, separated, and has 1 daughter who is 12 years old. Her mother and brother will take care of her daughter. She wants to work in Singapore for the future of her daughter and her family. She is from Antique, Philippines.


She describes herself as simple, honest, and hardworking. When she has free time, she likes cooking and cleaning the house.

Academic qualifications

Her highest academic qualification is high school which is equivalent to Spore's Sec School.


5 years (1996-2001) as a helper in the Philippines.

She wakes up at 5 am to take a bath, clean the house, and do the laundry. She also cleans the surroundings of the house and do gardening. The family has 10 members and she works in a house with 2 storeys and 5 bedrooms. The 3 children of her employer are 4, 9, and 12 years old. She takes care of the children by feeding them, cooking for them, and bathing the youngest child. She has 4 co-workers but her focus is doing the household chores. She also washes the car of her employer.

5 years (2005-2010) as a helper in the Philippines.

She wakes up at 5am to clean the house, cook for the family, and do the laundry. Sometimes, she also takes care of her employers 4 big dogs. The family has 4 adult members. The house she works in has 2 bedrooms. She mentioned that she is willing to take care of her employer's pet.

For her, a good helper is honest, hardworking, and patient.

She is willing to take care of children and infant.


She knows how to cook Filipino dishes. She is willing to learn how to cook Chinese dishes for her employer.


She mentioned that she is comfortable in taking care of children and newborn. She has 1 child.


She is aware that her employer will keep her phone during working hours. However, she will contact her family using her own handphone at night.
Any other usage arrangements will be between employer and maid. This must be stated in the Job Offer.


The helper is entitled to weekly offdays. She should be offered at least one offday thereby compensating her for the other 3 off days.
Any other offday arrangements will be between employer and maid. This must be stated in the Job Offer

2 years contract

She is aware that she will enter into 2 years contract with her future employer.


Based on her experience, she worked in the Philippines as a helper. She does household chores like cooking, cleaning, and car washing. She took care of her employers' children. When she's in Singapore, she is suitable for childcare and infant care.

Being a first timer in Singapore, it will not be easy for her to understand employer's needs, but with proper guidance and good training, she will be a good helper. I hope you can consider viewing her profile and give her an opportunity to serve your family.

Other remarks

Tattoo (Flower) on her back - means love and faith in God, name of her brother

Video Interview

To view her personal video interview please click

Eden Grace Maids and Employment Agency Pte Ltd
Address Blk.18 Sin Ming Lane, #07-38 Midview City, Singapore 573960
Office hours - Weekdays 9am to 6pm, Contact Person - Chris Wong @ 91187703, Julie Rose @ 98568387 or Susan Lee @ 83891511
After Office Hours- Weekends and Public Holiday, Contact Person - Julie Rose @ 98568387, Victoria Ling @ 91812521
Office No: 62625562
MOM LIC 13C6831
We believe a happy family and harmonious work-home environment is achievable with the management of expectations and a lifestyle of learning. Eden Grace aspires to cater to your needs for an ideal, dependable maid. We also hope to facilitate a good working relationship through proper integration and education programmes for both parties. We desire to guide domestic helpers to achieve their life goals during employment.
"Building Lives, Building Families"
Separated (38)
Ref: ILO38-05...
Upd on 22-Mar-18

Rachel is a single parent with 2 daughters 10 and 7.

She is the eldest of 4 children.

She is able to take care of new born baby and young children


  • cleaning
  • washing
  • ironing
  • children care - send to school, teach, play, feed
  • cook occasionally


  • cleaning
  • washing
  • ironing
  • children care
Single Parent (29)
Ref: P&Q/RK/04
Upd on 22-Mar-18

03/05/2015 - 07/01/2018 ( 2 years and 8 months )

Maricel had worked for one employer in Singapore for 2 years 8 months. She took care of 3 children aged 4,5 and 10 years old during her employment while managing housework and cooking, in a HDB flat.

Maricel is a pleasant girl who can manage the children and household well under minimum supervision.

She is available to come to Singapore anytime once she finds a employer.

Married (35)
Ref: ST 130
Upd on 21-Mar-18

Joan is a fresh maid.

yesShe is willing to learn and mentally prepared to work as a domestic helper.

yesShe is hoping to be given a chance to come in Singapore and work as her salary in Philippines is not enough to support her family.

yesShe is willing to learn how to cook various kinds of food and can follow instructions.

heartKindly contact our office: 6355 9026 or email at

Single (24)
Ref: bnn162
Upd on 22-Mar-18

Fretzlyn is an experienced housekeeper with more than 6 years experience in Singapore. She also took care children(3y/o) and elderly person (81 y/o). She can cook Chinese foods like steamed fish, stir fried vegies. fish/chicken curry, bak kuh teh, chicken rice, noodles, steam boat.

Jan 2014- Nov 2016

  • SINGAPORE (Chinese family)
  • Took care 2 adults stay in 2 storey house,
  • Finished contract.


  • SINGAPORE (Chinese family)
  • took care 81 y/o ahmah, do houseworks, cooking, marketing.
  • finished contract

Aug 2010 - Apr 2011

  • SINGAPORE (Chinese family)
  • Took care 3 yrs old child, stay in HDB.

03/03/2010 - 29/06/2010

  • SINGAPORE (Chinese family)
  • TOOK CARE 15,17 & 19 Y/O, ALL AROUND

26/11/2009 - 03/03/2010 -

  • SINGAPORE (Chinese family)

She is hardworking and has a positive outlook in life. Her family is her inspiration to work hard. She is obedient and adaptable to her new environment.

If you are interested and think she's suitable to serve your family, please call her for interview.

For more inquiries please call Allan at 91455888.

Single (33)
Ref: AL3995
Upd on 22-Mar-18
Single Parent (25)
Ref: JS 018
Upd on 22-Mar-18

MELINDA worked in Singapore for 16 years. She served more than 8 years with Chinese families and the rests with British, Belgian and French families.

Her experience includes taking care of children, managed household chores in condominium and in a 3-storey house. She cooks Chinese dishes and Western dishes.

She comes with employers recommendation. "Melinda is an excellent worker, honest, conscientious housekeeper and is aware of the nutritional needs of the children. Her main task was to take care of the house and she did so well."

"She takes pride in a clean and neat house, she works very structured and accurately. She can cook well and extremely skillfull. She is competent worker and has caring personality.

Melinda can cater dinner for group of people. She does grocery shopping and cook according to employer's selected dishes.

Call 67358755 to arrange personal interview.

Single (52)
Ref: SR-18T03...
Upd on 21-Mar-18

JANICE has been working for 3 years now in Singapore.

She is single, Cathoic devotee and a high school graduate.

She started working in Singapore in 2015 and was then employed for over a year by her 1st employer, an Indian family consisting of 4 adults. They resided in a 3-bedroom condominium where she was tasked to do Indian cooking followed by general housekeeping. She was released as the family moved back to India.

June 2016 to date, she is working for a Chinese family consisting of 3 adults and 2 teenagers ages 14 & 18 years old. They are living in a 3-bedroom HDB flat. Her daily duties and responsibilities are childminding, cooking Chinese food, doing laundry, ironing and all other domestic chores.

She is finishing her 2-year contract and will be released by end of April.

Janice has a can-do attitude and hardworking person. She has a pleasing personality that is definitely a plus to any prospective employer.

To arrange a personal interview, please call or sms Ms. Yulia at 8666-1409 or Ms. Joan at 8666-1408.

Single (32)
Ref: SK-0318-015
Upd on 22-Mar-18

Dear Sir and Mam

Thank you for taking the time to read my biodata. I am Melchel A Balut, single with a daughter that is 13 years old. She will be look after by my mother when i am working in Singapore. I am now decide to work in Singapore as it have spend enough time with my daughter, and it is time to earn and provide the financials for the family.

I had worked in Saudi Arabia for closed to 2 years and 6 month, working for a big family of 8 with a child. My main duties are general housekeeping, cooking and looking after the 7 month child. The house is very big and i am the only helper. The employer was kind to me and i have finshed my contract.

If you ever hire me as your helper, i will do my very best to help your family and adapt quickly.

Thank you

Yours sincerely

Mechel A Balut.

Single (32)
Ref: NP18-147
Upd on 21-Mar-18

Maria Erlinda is 52 years old, with 2 grown up children.She is from Ilocos Norte Philippines.

1993-1997 She has completed 2 contracts with a Chinese family.She look after the 4 children 3,5,10 & 13 years old.She assist the children daily need from bathing, dress them up accordingly for their daily activities, prepare their meals and supervise them.She send and fetch the children from school.She love to play with them on her free time.Included to her daily tasks is house cleaning, washing clothes, ironing and cooking.She can cook Chinese and Filipino food,

1997-1999 She has completed her contract with a Singaporean Chinese family with 1 child 8 years old.She bathe, dress up, prepare meals and snacks for her,packed her lunch boxes and water bottles .She performed house worked related with house care, including washing clothes,cleaning up after meals tidying play areas,.She can cook Chinese food.She is able to follow the recipe book.

2009-2017 She has worked with with a Chinese family for 8 years with 2 children 8 &14 years old with 1 small dog.She is an all rounder helper.She teach the children good social manners,play with the children both indoor and outdoor activities and dicipline the children when necessary.She also bring the dog for a walk, bathe him and feed .Included to her daily chores is housekeeping,washing clothes, ironing and cooking.She can cook Chinese and Filipino food.She is able to follow the recipe book.

2017 She is currently working with an Indian family.She worked with another helper. Her main duty is looking after the childrens.She prepare the children daily need like packed their lunch boxes and water bottles.Included to her daily chores is housekeeping, marketing and cooking.She can cook Chinese and Filipino food.She is able to follow the recipe book

Maria Erlinda is mature and hardworking person.


Mega Search Employment Services

Separated (53)
Ref: MS 2479
Upd on 22-Mar-18
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