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LA-ARNIE VALENCIA GURAY 32 years old single from northern Philippines,San Mateo Isabela. She earned certificate in her caregiving studies and training in Philippines.The training consists of caring for Elderly,taking vital signs,keep the daily hygiene and Infant care skills,like change diapers,check baby temperature,check baby if have colic,formula feeding,sterilize bottle,bathing,put the baby to sleep and ensure baby's safety. In her training she also assist the children in their good grooming,personal care,meal preparation,conducting tutorials,story telling interact & playing with the children.

La-arnie is jovial,willing to learn ,humble ,polite & Reliable.person. She is looking forward to work in Singapore to support her family their financial needs & to save for her future.She would be willing to learn cooking from her employer.

Single (32)
Ref: HSHR-R1804
Upd on 25-Apr-18
Single (24)
Ref: RAC 008
Upd on 25-Apr-18

Rabara Jean Abuel is Transfer maid And Care Giver Nurse.


- Her household duties include more to marketing and general housekeeping.

Employer 1 - 1yr 7mth HDB 3rm Chinese Family 4 Adults 1 Kid 10yr

Job - Take Care Elderly 92yr

Reason End - Employer No Need Maid

Employer 2 - 9mth Bungalow 2-Storey Chinese Family 6 Adults

Job - Take care Elderly (Dementia)

Reason End - Elderly go to Nursing Home

Employer 3 - 22Day Bungalow 3-Storey Chinese Family 3 Adults

Job- Take care Cancer Patient

Reason End - Elderly Passed Away

Employer 4 - 21Day Condo 4rm Korean Family 10 Adults

Job- G.Household

Reason End - Work 2 House

Employer 5 - 4mth HDB 4rm China Family 2 Adults 1Kid 8yr

Job- Take care Kid

Reason End - Cannot Communicate

Employer 6 - 3mth Bungalow 3-Storey Chinese Family 2 Adults

Job- Take care Fracture Patient

Reason End - Employer Recovered

Employer 7 - 2mth Terrace 2-Storey Mongolia Family 3 Adults 1 Kid 4yr

Job- Take care Kid

Reason End - Employer Beat The Maid

Employer 8 - 3mth HDB 2rm Philippines Family 2 Adults 2Kid 6/3yr

Job- Take care Kid

Reason End - Cannot Adapt Enviroment


Chinese food: stirfry vegetable,pork/chicken soup

She's able to understand and communicate in English.

She has formal experience as domestic helper in Singapore,she can do most of the household chores.

She is willing to care for Patients

Married (49)
Ref: 652
Upd on 24-Apr-18
  • Experienced caring for the elderly
  • 6 Years experience in Singapore

Gina Dumancas is a 36yo Filipino domestic helper. She is the 5th child of 11 children. As her parents are old and retired, she is one of the main breadwinners of the house to care for her parents and the younger siblings who are still studying.

Year 2010 to 2016: Gina was working in Singapore for 1 household for 6 years. There were 3 pax in the house: Sir (48yo), Grandpa (80s) and Grandma (70s). The family stayed in a 3 room HDB flat.

Grandpa was unable to walk and requires Gina's assistance daily. He is diabetic and Gina has to inject the insulin for him daily as well as checking his blood sugar level. She also brings him for his medical checkups at Changi Hospital. At the hospital, she helps to understand from the doctor about Grandpa's condition and coveys the messages to her Sir. She also helps to arrange for the appointment schedules. Gina also assists to change Grandpa's diapers and gives him a bath daily.

Grandma is mobile, however she is unable to see properly. This is due to a stroke that she had suffered previously and she had slipped into a coma due to the stroke. Similarly, Gina has to bring Grandma for her therapy sessions. On a daily routine basis, Gina also takes note and prepare the medication for both Grandpa and Grandma. In addition to caring for both Grandpa and Grandma, Gina is responsibile for all the household chores such as cleaning, washing, laundry and ironing. She can also cook chinese dishes like fish and pork porridge, steam fish and vegetables. Although Grandpa is diabetic, he loves to eat and requests Gina to cook sambal fish.

Reason for Leaving: Completed 3 full contracts and wanted to go back to Philippines for a break.

Year 2016 till now: After Gina has gone back tp Philippines, she was caring for her 8months old nephew until now when he is 2yo. She changed his diapers, prepared his milk, fed him, showered him and also played with him.

Video Introduction:

Our agent interviewed Gina face to face and noted that she was able to explain clearly on her job duties for both Grandpa and Grandma. She has a cheerful disposition and is willing to take care of both elderly or babies and young children.

She will like to request for 1 off day a month to recharge.

Please call Charlene at 8388 7833 or email for more information.

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Single (36)
Ref: Gina Dum...
Upd on 24-Apr-18

Naw Thaw Ray Wah, a 30-year-old single from Yangon, Myanmar. Her mother is 54-year-old and her father has deceased. She is a certified live-in caregiver and is skilled and equipped with basic medical training to deliver proper care, especially for people with physical disabilities or chronic illnesses. She can speak and understand basic English. Ray Wah is on standby to report to work as a live-in caregiver in Singapore.

This applicant is a hardworking, simple and respectful person with a pleasant personality. She is confident of handling caregiver duties such as bathing, dressing, medication administration, monitor vital signs and tube feeding etc. She has experience in looking after a stroke patient and a female elderly with a broken leg.

Nov 2013 - Sep 2015 (Singapore) served a family of 3 comprising an elderly couple in their 70s and their adult son. Ray Wah's main responsibility was to look after the elderly man after a car accident which caused him to be bedridden. Her duties include transferring him to-from the wheelchair, feeding him, assist Ah Ma to shower him and give him body massages to improve his blood circulation. She also did light cleaning and cooking duties. She worked for this family for 1 year and 10 months.

Thereafter in March 2016, Ray Way completed a 3-month Nurse Aid & Pharmarcy training course in a medical centre. During the course, she learnt useful caregiving skills such as how to respond to an emergency case using CPR, first-aid, evaluating a person's pulse and blood pressure, bed transferring techniques and personal hygiene. She was attached to a female stroke patient and looked after her for 3 weeks, during which Ray Wah was responsible of feeding her, sponging her and massaging her limbs to improve her blood circulation.

Apr 2016 - Present (Yangon) Currently, Ray Way works as a part-time caregiver at a hospital. Her patients include a female elderly person with a broken leg and a stroke patient. Her responsibility was to assist her with bathing, assiting her to-from wheelchair, accompanying her for leg therapy sessions and ensuring her overall well-being is taken care of.

Thaw Ray Wah's video interview is available for prospective employers to review upon request. Recommended salary is $600.00 per month.

This profile has been prepared by our team based on the information provided by the applicant and checked during our selection and interview process. Please verify points that are important to you during your interview with the applicant.

Single (30)
Ref: SMN147
Upd on 24-Apr-18

Khin Swe Yu, a 36-years-old single from Yangon. She is the eldest in her family. Her father is 68-years-old and her mother is deceased. She is a certified live-in caregiver and is skilled with basic medical training to deliver proper care, especially for people with physical disabilities or chronic illnesses. She can speak and understand basic English. Swe Yu is on standby to report to work as a live-in caregiver in Singapore.

This applicant describes herself as an honest, patient and simple individual. Swe Yu is confident in looking after the elderly and the disabled.

May 2016 - June 2016 (Singapore) worked for a family of 3 comprising Sir, Ah Gong and a newborn baby. Swe Yu's priority was to look after the newborn baby by attending to her daily needs such as preparing milk, feeding and changing diapers. One month into the job, Swe Yu's mother passed away and Swe Yu had to return home.

Thereafter in 2017, Swe Yu completed a 3-months Pharmacist and Nurse Aid Traning course in a medical centre in Yangon. During the course, she learnt about human anatomy and physiology, mental health nursing, adult/baby health nursing and pharmacology. As part of her 7-months on-the-job training, Swe Yu worked as a home caregiver looking after a stroke patient. She was responsible for the paient's oral hygiene, sponging, feeding and assisting with simple body exercises.

Khin Swe Yu's video interview is available for prospective employers to review upon request. Recommended salary is $600.00 per month.

This profile has been prepared by our team based on the information provided by the applicant and checked during our selection and interview process. Please verify points that are important to you during your interview with the applicant.

Single (36)
Ref: SMN148
Upd on 24-Apr-18

Nancy has been working in Philippines as caregiver but she is also doing / helping in general housekeeping. Since she is already widow, she don't have her husband anymore to help her with their financial issues. Working as domestic worker is her only way to work abroad and earn some money for her child.

In Philippines, she looking after a 75 years old elderly for 7 years, but she is also ok to look after children. For cooking, she knows some basic Filpino dishes but she is also willing to learn some western and chinese dishes.

Married (28)
Ref: FIL-01
Upd on 20-Apr-18

For free interview please call Tel : 67346682 304 Orchard Road #03-74 Lucky Plaza & Branch Office: Tel : 65668582 491 Jurong West Avenue 1 #01-161

Winnie, married with a 10 years old child, has 4 years working experience her in SG as NURSING-AID/CAREGIVER in ECON MEDICAL CENTER

She is a MIDWIFE by profession, able to take care of newborn, young children, elderly and disabled person

She is willing to work with 1-2 off days in a month

2001-2005 SG

  • At Econ Medical Center, she assisted elderly persons, bathe them, prepare their bed, change clothes/ diapers, kept patients' personal hygiene, dress their wounds, give their medicine as well
  • As a trained Midwife, she is able to assit mothers giving birth, take care of the newborn babies andyoung children as well

2009-2010 PH

Married (39)
Ref: HSH6608
Upd on 18-Apr-18

Sulakshani is a polite and gentle lady, who is exceptionally professional in her work. She has a great record and her employers are satisfied with her work. She has worked with 4 employers in Singapore; having completed her contract for 3 and being released from her contract early for 1 after the elderly lady she was primarily looking after passed away and her services were no longer needed. She is very diligent and takes pride in her duties. She does an exceptional job in cooking Indian, Western, Vegetarian and Sri Lankan dishes. Her command of English is exceptional, beyond the standards of maids.

1/11/2014 to 2/1/2017 : 2Y2M (SINGAPORE - Tamil FAMILY, CONDO)
Description Of Duties : Sulakshani's was to care for an elderly couple, one of whom was immobile. She was also involved in cooking and housekeeping.
Reasons For Leaving : Elderly care being her primary requirement, her services was no longer required after the old lady passed away.

6/7/2011 to 25/11/2013 : 2Y4M (SINGAPORE- British FAMILY, BUNGALOW)
Description Of Duties : Sulakshani's primary responsibility was the care taking of two teenagers, aged 15 & 16 as well as 2 large dogs. Her secondary duties consisted of housekeeping and cooking.
Reasons For Leaving : She had completed her contract and her employer decided to return to the UK.

6/10/2010 to 6/7/2011 : 9M (SINGAPORE - HINDUSTANI FAMILY, CONDO)
Description Of Duties : Her primary task was the care for two teenagers aged 13 & 16 as well as a large dog.
Reasons For Leaving : She had completed contract.

5/10/2008 to 6/10/2010 : 2Y (SINGAPORE- INDIAN FAMILY, CONDO)
Description Of Duties : She was involved in general housekeeping and cooking for the family.
Reasons For Leaving : She left after the contract ended.

Sri Lankan
Single (36)
Ref: SL707
Upd on 16-Apr-18

Jasmin is married with 8 years old son. She worked here in Singapore for 1 year and 2 months with 2 employer. 1st employer, her duties was cooking and housekeeping. 2nd employer, looking after 90 years old wheelchair bound lady, do cooking and housekeeping. She also train in Tan Tock Seng Hospital for 3 weeks.

Married (31)
Ref: F-ES-0102
Upd on 14-Apr-18

Yuli's Working Experience

Jakarta - Indonesia ( 2 years )
Jobs : Housekeeping and take care of 3 children ( Age : 9,7 and a 3 months old baby)

Employer (1) : Oct 2009 to Dec 2009
Worked for a Chinese family. She had to work at 2 houses : Madam's house and her mother's.
Jobs : Take care of 2 children and general housekeeping.
At 8 am she go to Grandma house. Return to her employer's house at midnight. After which, she still needs to do the housekeeping like laundry, ironing and clean up the baby's stuffs.
Reason of Leaving : Not enough rest .. Sleep at 2 am and wake up at 6 am.

Employer (2): Dec 2009 to Sept 2011 ( Completed Contract)
Worked for a Chinese family.
Jobs : Take care of 9 years old girl, cooking and general housekeeping.

Employer (3) : Nov 2011 to Oct 2014 ( 3 years. Completed Contract)
Worked for a Chinese employer. Stay in Condo
Jobs : Take care of 2 children (age :2 years old girl and new born baby )
Take care 1 dog, cooking and general housekeeping.

Employer (4): Oct 2014 to Feb 2015
Worked for Grandma ( employer's mother)
Jobs : Take care of grandma who is sick.
Reason of leaving : Grandma has recovered and this family decided not to have a helper anymore.

Employer (5) Feb 2015 to Present
Worked for an Australian Family. Stay in HDB
Jobs : Takes care of a pair of twin babies, cooking and general housekeping.
She takes care 2 cats too.

Yuli will be ready to work for the new employer in 1st June 2018.
In S'pore, she studies on Sundays and has recently obtained a Diploma in Care Giver's course.

Single (32)
Ref: R-yuli
Upd on 12-Apr-18





Married (41)
Ref: J-62-TN
Upd on 15-Apr-18

Analyn is a single mother with 1 kid.
She was a private caregiver of a paralyzed woman with dimentia.
Her main duty is to
* Take vital signs
* Proper Hygiene
* Preparing food
* Assisting the patient in everything she do
* Giving medication and injecting epotein
* Assisting when in therapy session
* Accompany the patient during check up
* bringing her outside for sunlight
* listing of things she needed
* Mobility assistance
And she can do all general house work too. She can cook filipino foods but willing to learn more recipes. Her loan is 6 months base salary $550 and okay with 2 off days every month.

Single (30)
Ref: MMC4057
Upd on 28-Mar-18


Venus is a Caregiver from the Philippines. She has experience working in Singapore for 1 year. She is able to communicate well in English and Tagalog. She is able to communicate simply in Malay and Mandarin. She is able to cook Filipino food - but is willing to learn how to cook according to the employer's preference.

First Employment: Singapore, 1 year
Job Scope: Nursing Aide Services

Single (29)
Ref: NMCG 0068
Upd on 21-Feb-18

Virginia have been working in Singapore for nearly 12 years with 3 employers. With her current employer she worked for 10 years taking care of a bedridden person with ventelator machine. she knows how to do sanctioning, showering , massage, feeding. Give medicine. She used to wake in the middle of the night to change diapers for the sick person. RECOMMENDED FOR ELDERLY OR BEDRIDDEN PERSON.

Single (50)
Ref: T-9270
Upd on 06-Apr-18

Nancy is 50 years old, a widower with 2 grown up children ages 28 and 23 years old, She took care of them when they were born.

Currently taking care of young children in Philippine ages 2 5 and 7 years old while she is waiting for the job offer in Singapore.

Nancy has working experienced as a caregiver in Home ( Anglican Welfare Singapore ) for the aged for 6 years, that was in in 1998 to 2004. In old folks home, the terms for a work permit holder is only 6 years ( can not be renewed anymore) Nancy's duties when she was in the homes were taking care of sick person about 30 to 50 patient, with other nurses with her, She takes care of them like giving medicine, taking blood pressure, clean wounds, change pampers, showering them, talk to them, play with them and bringing them to Doctor's hospitals check up when due date. She completed her contract with reference.

2004 to 2010 Worked in Philippines as a care giver . Worked in home for the aged, same duties when she was in Singapore. Completed 4 years.

2010 to 2013 to 2015 to 2016 and 2016 to 2018, She work for Chinese family She has been working with Elderly patient, Completed her contract, and then her passport was expiring to, so She decided to go back to spend Christmas with her family and to renew her passport too, Her passport will be ready soon so now we start to look for a new employer for her.

She is suitable to take care of patient (elderly or special children) handicap , but if there is an employer who wanted her to take care of baby or young children, She is happy to take the Job,
Nancy is very confident in terms of cooking, She told us that there is no problem in following recipe books, and also she does cooking when she worked with Chinese employers,
Independent worker and she can do grocery shopping and does marketing in the wet market,
Available for employment in 3 to 5 weeks.

Widowed (50)
Ref: EXS FEB 21K
Upd on 23-Mar-18

Nelia had worked in Taiwan as a caregiver for two years, looking after an elderly lady. She took care of the elderly lady's daily needs.

Nelia also has two years of experience working in Abu Dhabi as a baby sitter. She looked after two children aged 8 and 10 years old.

Nelia is a strong and responsible lady who would be suitable to care for the elderly.

Separated (46)
Ref: JP15 2/1...
Upd on 12-Dec-17



Married (30)
Ref: NT-424
Upd on 18-Mar-18
Single (30)
Ref: JS 017
Upd on 23-Mar-18

PAGSANJAN MARIVIC SAHAGUN is 41 years old, Single. She was born and raised in San Marcelino Zambales. She is a High school graduate.


  • Experienced in Taking care of Infants and toddlers
  • Experienced in General household chores
  • Experienced in Care giving
  • Experienced in simple Chinese dishes and able to follow recipe
  • knowledgeable in using electric appliances

PAGSANJAN MARIVIC SAHAGUN is humble, honest, hardworking and a kind lady, She has an experienced in working as a helper in Philippines and also care giving. Marivic is willing to come here to work to help her parents. She is looking for an employer and willing to work with any family. She can be interviewed thru phonecalls and video conference.

Single (42)
Upd on 23-Mar-18

Maria Marla Domingo is 41 years old, she was born in Sta. Maria Bulacan and now residing in Valenzuela city. She finished her 2 years course in Dental Technology in Mt. Carmel College.


  • Completed her Training in Radio Pulmonary and Standard First Aid
  • Certified in Caregiver
  • Certified Massage Therapy and Reflexology
  • Experienced in doing the General household chores
  • Experienced in taking care of elderly
  • Experienced in taking care Infants and Toddlers

Maria Marla is a hardworking, honest and a trustworthy person. She can multi-task her job. Maria Marla is good in taking care of elderly since she is certified in caregiver. Maria Marla is looking for an employer and willing to work with any family here in Singapore. She is available for interview thru Phone calls and Video conference.

Separated (41)
Upd on 23-Mar-18

She is a care giver currently taking care cancer patient.

Married (40)
Ref: FASMF-189
Upd on 06-Feb-18

Diwani, 25 year old mother of 1 child. She complete her Caregiver Course.

She can perform all of household tasks including cleaning, cooking, elderly care and childcare.

She have experience taking care of 83 yrs old stroke patient.
She suitable for babysitting and care of aged.
Single Parent (26)
Ref: JS 018
Upd on 23-Mar-18

Richelle, 24 year old single She Nursing Graduate & Caregiver. She has 2 yrs plus experience as private duty nurse. Duties taking care good care of her patient's , monitoring vital sign and giving medicine.

Single (24)
Ref: JS 016
Upd on 23-Mar-18


ELEONOR is 43 years old and married.She is a graduate of a Vocational course in Health Care Services NC II.She is honest, responsible, reliable and has an initiative to perform her job.She is very hardworking woman since she has already an experience abroad in Korea for 6 years as production employee.She is also studied in Care Giver.She is good in preparing and maitaining cleanliness and orderliness bed rooms, assist patient mobility, assist in transporting the patient,Assist in Bio-Psychological support care and patient,handle waste in health care environment,excellent in communication skills, ability to take care elderly and person with disabilities and has a nursing skills.She can do cooking and doing general housework like cleaning,washing,ironing and others.

Married (44)
Ref: AMAKC 025
Upd on 05-Mar-18
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