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You are a maid agency operating in Singapore, and like to know more on how NetMaid can help you? Read on ...
For Maid Agencies
Good question... click here to find out why.
NetMaid web site is registered with the top 400 search engines worldwide, including Google, Bing, etc. NetMaid also appears in popular local Singapore search engine like, and all the major on-line classified ads in Singapore. NetMaid also advertises in other media like popular internet portal ( and also including bumper sticker on TIBS Taxis.
We tried several times, but Straits Times rejected NetMaid's classified ad, fearing NetMaid could divert classified ad revenue away from Straits Times.
NetMaid will do everything within our means to make NetMaid becomes THE Web Site to visit whenever employers are looking for suitable maids and domestic help.
You have ample opportunities. You can describe the services you offer in the space provided in the Agency Panel, you can also hyperlink to your own website if you have one, so that you can fully elaborate and illustrate your services and highlight your strength. We can provide up to 5 pages of free space on our server to host your web pages, free of charge.
Yes, log in using your password, and select Change Profile. You can change your telephone number, fax number, contact name, contact number, email address, web site address, and general description about your company and the services you offer.
It is simple, just give us a copy of your logo in the largest possible size, and we will scan and place it for you.
It is likely that your existing web site can only display the bio-data in a static manner, and have limited searching capabilities. It is very likely that you have to request your web site designer or have some technical people make changes to the bio-data frequently, if you want to keep the information updated. It is almost certain that you are unable to generate useful reports on your maids' bio-data that appear on your web site. If you subscribe to NetMaid, you are in full access and control of your data and information, any time, any where, without any limitations.
NetMaid allows you to add new bio-data of maids, edit/modify bio-data, publish or withdraw specific maids from public viewing. You can add any additional confidential remarks (not visible by the public) about any maid to assist you in your administration of the maids.

There are 2 ways:

  1. NetMaid currently offers to scan and insert picture of the 1st 10 maids free of charge, as long as you key in the bio-data details.
  2. You can also scan the picture and insert it yourself as long as you have a scanner. Click here to read technical details of scanning and inserting pictures.
Your data is fully secured and protected. NetMaid Server is physically located in the secured Data Center, with 24x7 availability. Agency can access only their data, and nobody else, via username and password.
Yes, and you should change your password soon after you received it from Net4Com. You are also encouraged to change your password frequently and keep it confidential on a need-to-know basis.
Yes, we can provide another username/password with limited privilege, just let us know your requirements.
Absolutely yes. If you have such a requirement, we can provide you with a special username and password. Your private customers can then use this special username and password, and be able to view the bio-data of selected maids that are not viewable from public.
Of course! We provide a pdf file that allow you to print the maid bio-data very neatly.
Sure you can. However, you should also consider simply withdrawing the maid from public viewing, so that the detail of the maid is still available to you.
At the moment, there is no limit, you can keep as many as you want provided you housekeep only available maids (ie. Not-employed yet) bio-data with Netmaid.
There are currently three reports: Summary Report, Passport Expiry Report, and Work Permit Expiry Report.
In a limited sense, yes. You can sort report in any order by simply clicking the column-header of the Summary Report.
Sure you can, simply use your browser to print any reports.
We will be delighted to hear from you for any suggestions for enhancement of NetMaid system. And we will do our best to accommodate your requests. Please contact us by phone, email, or simply click Feedback button on the screen.
Sure we can. NetMaid allows you to place up to 5 web pages on our server (if you wish), and we will provide a separate domain name for you. When employer visit this web site, the search maid function will be linked to NetMaid via an exclusive interface, where employers can only view your maids, and not others.
Almost. NetMaid system server is located at one of the largest Internet Data Center in Singapore with 24x7 operation, with full redundancy in power and air conditioning provisions. Periodic system maintenance need to be carried out which may or may not effect system availability. However, we will perform such tasks only during time of least expected traffic to ensure users are not unduly affected.
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