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Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions about Using NetMaid.
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A computer or smartphone connected to Internet, and a browser. Nothing else.
Not sure, but all modern browsers are supported.
Here is a tip for you: Select Indonesia under Nationality Preference, and select ONLY Mandarin/Chinese-Dialect under Language Ability. The selection result will likely to be Indonesia Chinese.
In general, maids from the Philippines speak better English than maids from Indonesia. However, if you tick INDONESIA as your nationality preference, and tick ONLY English for Language Ability, you may be presented with a good number of maids professing to speak GOOD or FAIR English. It is therefore important to press for more information/evidence from the appropriate maid agencies representing these maids, that these Indonesia maids do speak good/fair English. Otherwise, you may be disappointed with the English ability of the Indonesian maid you employ. Language skill is a very subjective standard and varies greatly among different agencies. What an agency claims about a particular maid being able to speak good/fair English may in your opinion, turns up to be just a little English!
Transfer maid refers to maids that are currently working in Singapore, but are put up for transfer by their current employers due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. employer moving out of Singapore due to job posting, employer runs into financial difficulties due to retrenchment, etc.).

Transfer maid is available to start work almost immediately, while it could take a while for "New" maid to come to Singapore as they need to complete the immigrations formalities.
That's easy. Just click on the Enquiry button you find on every screen.
Absolutely. Go to the detail page of the selected maid, you will notice a PDF icon below the maid's photograph. Click on the PDF icon, you will be able see a properly formatted page of the maid's bio-data, and you may proceed to print. However, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your PC to do view and print. You can go to to download a free copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Not all maids bio-data comes with a video clip. For those that have a video clip, you will notice a video icon below the maid's photograph. Click on the picture to go to the detail page, and click on the video icon to watch the video clip.
You can either call us on telephone (6382-8891), or send us an email (, or simply click the Enquiry button you can find on every screen.
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