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Myo Myo Thaw, 32 years old, Single have working experience in Singapore.
She have nursing Aid experience in Myanmar. She can change diaper, give medicines, tube feeding,etc.
She also have experience in infant care (newborn) and child minding.
She can cook some Indian dishes and willing to learn other dishes as well.
Willing to work with 1-2 off days per month with compensation.
She can arrive Singapore within 2-3 weeks after MOM approval.

Working Experience :

Myanmar (Nursing Aid) - care of elderly that required constant care include tube feeding (through nose), change diaper, shower, give medication.

Singapore Employer 1 (07/2014 - 04/2015) : Indian family of 4 members include 6 years old and newborn baby.
Duties : all around household chores, cleaning, washing, ironing, cooking, child minding and infant care (day time as parents are working).

Singapore Employer 2 (07/2016 - 12/2016) : Chinese family of 5 members include 3 children ages 4, 5 & newborn.
Duties : All around household chores, cleaning, washing, ironing, child minding and infant care.

Single (31)
Ref: DS-E-43
Upd on 17-Jan-17

Nang Bawk, 24, single, is currently in her hometown, does housekeeping and cooking, taking care of her own siblings when her parents are out to the farm.

She has attend Nursing Aid Program and worked as a nurse in her village for 3 years.

Now she wants to come to Spore to work as a domestic helper in order to support her family.

Single (23)
Ref: AD 056
Upd on 17-Jan-17

JASPREET KAUR is an experienced maid from Punjab, India.

Her father is a farmer and mother housewife.

She has completed her XII std and also completed diploma in Nursing.

She can speak basic english. Jaspreet is willing to take care of children and elderly.

She can cook both vegeterian and non-vegeterian dishes very well.

Jaspreet can come immediately.

For further queries, please feel free to call me Maria on 83542330.

Single (24)
Ref: GKNI0002-16
Upd on 17-Jan-17
Single (28)
Ref: Transfer
Upd on 10-Jan-17

Tin wai thet is a fresh myanmar helper.

She is nurse aide qualified and is currently working in a hospital in myanmar

She wants a change of field and wants to work in singapore as a domestic helper

She is very suited for disabled / elderly care.

She's very passionate and has a good attitude.

Note* Fresh helpers need time to adjust in singapore, thus employers will have to nurture fresh helpers to adapt and adjust to singapore way

her basic salary is $510 inclusive of 3 day off compensation

Please contact 93676092 kenneth / 83382677 padma.

Single (36)
Ref: LTA - 0178
Upd on 10-Jan-17

Olivia is currently working as company nurse in her home country since 2006 up to present

  • Reliable,caring and flexible Bachelor of Science in Nursing Graduate
  • with experience caring for elderly &Vulnerable adults,excellent client care,work well with bedridden patient
  • friendly and compassionate with excellent interpersonal communication skills
  • willing to work with 1-2 day off per month
Married (42)
Ref: HSH5218
Upd on 06-Jan-17

Joy is 29 yrs old & married with 3 kids ages (7, 5, & 2 years old). She is a graduate in Nursing Aid. She is a full time mother to her kids. She loves kids & love to cook for them. She does all around housework, she is very cautious & practice hygiene for her kids & family. She knows how to apply first aid & is alert on any emergencies. She does her marketing, laundry, ironing, cooking. She cooks Chinese & filipino food.

She is a very hardworking, responsible, can work independently, humble, cheerful & always look on the positive side of life. She is very much wiling to learn. She would like to come to Singapore & work as a domestic helper as her husband's earnings are not enough to feed a family of 3. The children are also getting big & they wanted to prepare for their children's education. She would be available for interview via phone or skype.

Married (29)
Ref: AVGH 2201
Upd on 10-Jan-17


ELEUNER 33 years old, single parent with 2 young children aged 13 & 8 years old. She is a Nursing Aide graduate.

She had worked at the home for the aged. Her main duty is to do bathing, change diaper and give medicine. She also task to do housekeeping like, cleaning the house, washing clothes and ironing clothes.

She has experienced taking care of infant and young children.

She can cook Filipino dishes like, chicken adobo, fried noodles, kare-kare, kaldereta, apretada and can follow recipe book.

She is flexible and fast leaner person.

She is available for phone interview.

Single Parent (33)
Ref: AMA026
Upd on 08-Jan-17

Par Iang, 28 YO - She is nice girl and good looking, she is ex Singapore work in singapore with British employer for 9 months, she is obedient girl and have experience in look after children,

Oversea Experiences

Duration: 9 months

Country: Singapore

Job: Home maid, with British Employer, work for 9 months (Aug 2011 - May 2012)

Her main job is to take care 2 children 1YO and 2YO, she assisting with all them need, such as : showering them, put on diapers and clothes, prepare for their meals and feed them, send and fetch them to and from school. Play with them. Other than that she does all the general house work and help grandmother cooking.

Got 5 persons in employer house : Mam, Sir, 2 children and grandmother.

Type of employer house : Condo with 3BR and 4Toilets

She only 9 months work because employer move back to London.

from 2012-2016 she is working in Myanmar as home nurse to take care elderly.

Single (29)
Ref: MYR 008
Upd on 01-Dec-16

Ma Soe Moe Htwe, She is nice girl and good looking, even she is ex Singapore, she is obedient girl and have experience in look after elderly, she also take a class to learn how to take care elderly with bedridden or disable condition, she still willing to do house work and also cooking. So the percentage is 50:50.

Oversea Experiences

Country: Singapore

Duration: 2.5 years

Job: Home-maid

2014-2016 with Chinese family
Her main job is to do the house work such as; sweeping, moping, clean the window, clean all the room and toilet, laundry and ironing also do marketing and she does cooking as well.
Type of employer house HDB with 4room 3 toilet flat,
Only 2 person in employer house: Mam and Sir
Cooking: simple Chinese food like; porridge, sweet and sour, soup, stir vegetable and steam fish,

2014 (2months) with Chinese family
Her main job to take care ahma 85YO not mobile condition, assisting her with all her needs such as: showering and put on pampers and cloth, prepare food, give medicines, sometime bring ahma to park with wheelchair, cook for ahma, other than that, she does house work like cleaning the house, ironing, wash the cloth, and cooking; she can cook simple Chinese food like: simple Chinese food like; porridge, sweet and sour, soup, stir vegetable and steam fish,
Type of employer house: HDB Flat with 3room and 2 toilet.
Got 2 person in the house: Sir and Ahma

2014 (2months) with Chinese family

She do general housework and cooking. 3 bedrm & 2 toilet Flat. 5ppl, Sir, Mum, Ah gong, Ah ma and Auntie

Note: She is ok with dogs

Key Achievements in Nurse Training School

  1. Preform Measuring blood pressure
  2. Take patients Temperature and pulse
  3. Measure patients’ blood sugar level
  4. Preform ROM exercise
  5. Serving Medication
  6. Turning and changing
  7. Transferring patients
  8. Help patients with bathing, dressing and taking meals
  9. Help elderly with working exercises and other movements
  10. Perform CPR first aid therapy
  11. Perform ECG monitoring
  12. Care wound and wound management
  13. Admin oxygen therapy IM/SC
  14. Take oral medication

Able to perform:
Take care of the old folks
Look after the disabled people
are with great experiences to bed-ridden and handicapped people.
She has an accurate warranty of
no habit of smoking
No habit of drinking
No habit of avoid of beef or pork
Thus, she can both eat and work with beef and pork.

Widowed (37)
Ref: MYR002
Upd on 29-Nov-16

Kimberly is a fresh helper who wants to work in Singapore. She has experience in taking care of own children and her elderly grandparents. She has completed her bachelor in Nursing. She can speak good English. Kimberly is a patient and humble person. She wants to work in Singapore to support her family financially.

Married (27)
Ref: 1AA-Kimb...
Upd on 18-Dec-16


She is a humble and hardworking helper that follows employer instruction.


She have experience in home country only

Hand Phone

She is aware of not using Handphone during work.


She is willing to take care of infant, children and elderly.


Unlimited Replacement.

Kindly call/sms/whatsapp us for helper's availability,salary,off day and their placement fee.

Reserve the helper with us and check out our agency fee for confirmation.

Let us know if u have criteria for your helper .

We will match for you as we are still trying our best to list rest of the bio datas online as fast as we could.

Single (31)
Ref: NYEIN NY...
Upd on 05-Jun-16
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