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Speaks hokkien, care for elderly

Siti is indonesia helper, from blitar Java.

she is matured, married with 1child, responsible and independent

she had good record of working in singapore

1st employer 6years, she worked to care for ahma 84 years, hold her while she walk slowly, ahma got asthma problem, give medicine, cooking and attend to ahma dailiy needs.

she also able to wheel the wheelchair bring ahma o=ut to Mall, go to P0ly, goto makrket and go to exercise. after 6 years she decided to go back

2nd employer she worked another 2 years, bungalow house 2 storey, washing car. gardening and general housework

she is not affraid with cats or dogs, willing to care for it

Able to cook simple dishes of chinese food and indonesian food as well such as, steamed fish, currhychicken, pork soup with lotus, prridge,. and etc

available to be interiewed anytime time.

Married (37)
Ref: Elderly-...
Upd on 23-Jan-17

Siti Maesaroh is 37, a mother of grown up Child. She has total of 8 Years working experience as Domestic Helper in Singapore.

Employer 1 (05/2008 - 06/2014) - 6 years - Chinese family of 2, sir & grandma (84 yr-old sick) living in a 4R Flat - Look after the Grandma - Housework chores include cooking & marketing

Employer 2 (10/2014 - 09/2016) - 2 Years - Chinese family of 2, Sir & Grandma (83 mobile grandma) living in a 3 storey bungalow - Housekeeping & Cooking - Gardening - wash Car

She speaks English and understand Hokkien. Suitable & Recommended for Elderly Care with or without constant care.

*She is not afraid of Dog

Married (37)
Ref: ANN-E-11-22
Upd on 22-Dec-16
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