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2014 2015 Hong Kong Local Employer To care for 3 children aged 9,3 & newborn. Attend to their daily need She help another helper to do housework/cooking.
2015 2016 Hong Kong Local employer To do all general housework in several houses and cooking.
Single (28)
Ref: BLA 013
Upd on 01-Nov-16

AKTHER is 30 years old,married and blessed with one child age 4 years old. She describe herself as honest,hard working and responsible person. She can cook Indian food and willing to learn other dishes.

She was first employed by Indian family living in a 3 bed rooms HDB flat. Her main duty is to take care os 75 years old Ah ma. She wakes up early to assikst her,give medicine everyday,feed and help to bathe. She was consented for transfer as the Ah ma passed away. She worked for them for more than 1 year.

Next she worked for another Indian family for a short period of time. She decided to transfer due to lack of food.

She was then employed by African family comprising of two adults,two children and one new born baby residing in a 3 bed rooms Condo flat. Her maid duty is to take care of the baby. She cleaned and sterelizes the feeding bottles,changed diaper,bathe the baby and put on bed to sleep. She also incharged on general house hold chores and marketing. She transferred as the employer went for good.

Her last Employer is from Pakistan where she do elderly care.

She wants to come back here in Singapore to help her siblings and support her family.

Married (31)
Ref: SFE-2612
Upd on 29-Jan-16

Akter Shewli, 25, Bangladeshi, Muslim, Married, is an ex-SIN maid who can cook Indian food. She worked in Singapore for 9 months before going home as she wanted to go home to rest after catching a bad bought of flu. In Singapore, she worked for a an Indian family and a Bangladeshi family. With the Indian family, they stayed in a private house with Sir, Madam, 26 year old daughter, 33 year old son and 2 students that were tenants there. With the Bangladeshi family, they stayed in a HDB flat, Sir, Madam, a 3 yrs and a 5 yrs old boys. She did all the house cleaning, cooking, laundry, ironing and looked after the children.

Akter is feeling rested and strong now and would like to come back to Singapore to work again.

Married (28)
Ref: OneClick...
Upd on 18-Nov-16
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