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SHIN SAW KALAYA is experienced transfer maid with 5 years old plus experience in Singapore.

She is 35 years old and still single.

She is polite,humble,cheerful and hardworking girl.

She is able to handle household chores.

She has good experience as a housemaid and can do washing,cleaning,ironing,mopping,

vacumming,cooking,marketing,take care of elderly and children.

She can change diaper of them and can handle pets too.

She can cook Myanmar and Chinese dishes.

Keen to learn local dishes as well.

She is suitable for look after elderly and bedridden.

HP usage at night time and 2 day off per month.

Viber/telephone and interview in person are available.

Single (35)
Ref: MYME005
Upd on 27-Aug-16






Single Parent (24)
Ref: INDO-09
Upd on 30-Aug-16
Single Parent (26)
Ref: 0115-10022
Upd on 22-Jan-15

From Year 2012 to Present -She is been working with a Chinese Singaporean employer and she been looking after 2 young children aged from 3 years old and 2 months old when she she started worked with employer and she have been working in condominium type of house- her duties are included grocery shopping,do the laundry,ironing,car washing and cooking mostly in chinese dishes and some western dishes as well able to follow recipe book.

Married (40)
Ref: TR1991-2...
Upd on 25-Oct-16

Sutri is 33 and single, she is suitable to take care of children ages 2 years old and above. She is willing to take care of elderly. She has almost 6 years experience in Singapore as helper. She knows how to take care of the small children by preparing their food, bathing them, play with them. She is very good also in general household chores, cleaning the toilets, cleaning the kitchen, ironing, laundry in machine and hand wash delicate clothes.
2014 TO 2016 Presently is serving Singaporean family, staying in a condo apartment, serving for 4 adults, a couple and 2 children ages 27 and 21, plus taking care of 2 dogs like bathing, walk the dog for 3 times, take care of them when they are sick, playing with the dogs like children too., Her duties are to maintain the cleanliness of the house, doing laundry, cooking and grocery shopping, She is completing her contract and she do not intend to renew her contract.

2010 to 2012 Worked for Chinese family in a bungalow and taking care of 6 years old child. assisting the boy in everything he does like preparing his school need, like uniforms, guide the school home work, preparing his lunch box, water bottle, bring him to the school activities, attending for parents meetings if her employer is not free, Her secondary duties are general house work like cooking, cleaning, washing cloths, ironing and grocery shopping. She will completing her contract by end of November and she will not be extending fro another terms.
2012 to 2013 Worked for Chinese family, staying in a HDB ,takes care of of 2 children ages 12 and 9 years old, her duties are assisting the 2 children in everything need, including their school uniforms and ect. She also in charge of all the grocery shopping cooking and everything, worked for 10 months, can not meet granny's high expectations.requested to go home because have family problem too.
2013 to 2014 , She work for Chinese employer, serving 4 adults a couple and 2 grown up children ages 27 and 21, does general house work, cooking, grocery shopping plus takes care of one dog, like walking the dog 3 times a day, bathing , playing and feeding, bring to the veterinarian doctor when sick, after a year, she asked to transfer due to Granny's high expectation and control helper's food.
Sutri is very confident in cooking Chinese, Indonesian, western and Malay dishes like fried vegetables, steam fish, soup, chicken rice, sand which, pasta's and salad and she want to learn more as she can easily read and follow recipe.
Sutri is an Independent cook, she likes cooking, can bake cake, cookies, Kueh and can follow recipe books.
Experienced in working in a big house , ( Bungalow) can take care of Dog,
She will be release by end of November.
She can be interview by face to face interview through arrangement

Please call Lina, Bing or Mary ann at 67378681

Single (33)
Ref: TF OCT 22H
Upd on 22-Oct-16

Sri Sumarsih can take are of children , elderly, does general household chores and some cooking. (chinese food eg steam fish and fried vegetables etc

Divorced (36)
Ref: SWF-SS05...
Upd on 23-Oct-16

Working Experience
Su Mon Win is an experienced domestic helper, having worked for 10 months in Singapore.

Oct 2015 to Oct 2016:
Her duties includes taking care of the Employer's Elderly mother, 2 children, household chores & cooking.

1) She can speak basic english
2) She can cook some indian food
3) She is patient & hardworking
4) She is willing to accept 1 off day per month, but should be compensated as per MOM rules & regulations

FOC Replacements & Promotional Rates on Agency Fees for month of Oct 2016

Su Mon Win wants to continue work hard in Singapore to save money and provide for her family expenses.

Pls call 84999454 for a face to face interview with her now

Single (25)
Ref: FirstCla...
Upd on 25-Oct-16


Nurmaya is divorced with 2 children aged 17 and 9 years old. She lived with her elderly parents and will help her to look after the children when she working abroad.


2001 to 2003 (TAIWAN)

Maya first experienced working in Taiwan and successfully completed her contract. She served 5 family members in a big bungalow house. They are Sir and Madam with 1 child aged 5 years old and elderly couple. Her job was to look after ah-gong who is a stroke patient. Ah-gong is on wheelchair but he can still walk but need assistance. Ah-ma is still fit and can do her daily activity. Maya has to assist ah-gong in showering, feeding, doing therapy and give him medication. She has to assist employer to send ah-gong and ah-ma medical check up. Apart from her main job, she also needs to complete the household chores. She will prepare breakfast for the family, cook lunch, dinner and also to help looking after the 5 years old kid when she came back from school. She will assist in preparing the child school uniforms, doing ironing, tidy up 5 bedrooms and washed 4 toilets. During weekends, she will do simple gardening and other household chores.

2004 to 2007 (TAIWAN)

She came back to work in a Nursing home in Taiwan. There are about 40 over elderly patients staying in the home. Most elderly are stroke, Dementia and bedridden patients. Maya is very experienced in handling disabled as she was trained to be assistance nurse. She will changed their diaper, check temperature, tube feeding and shower the disabled She handles all patients during night and occasionally during day.

She completed her service and went back to Indonesia.

2008 to 2010 (HONGKONG)

She went to Hong Kong to work for 4 family members in a 2 storey bungalow. Employer has 2 children aged 12 and 9 years old. Her job was to handle the children, prepare their school needs, wake up in the morning to prepare breakfast for the kids and continue doing spring cleaning and laundry. She will also prepare lunch and dinner for the family.

She completed her contract and went back for a short break.

2011 to 2016 (HONGKONG)

On her second employment, she encountered 2 employers. Her first employer, she has to look after a bedridden ah-gong in a 3 bedrooms apartment for 18 months only. She handles the elderly till he passed away. She was transferred to another family, looking after bedridden ah-ma, who is suffering from Throat cancer. Maya has to clean the elderly, change the wound dressing everyday and apply medication and tube feeding.

She completed her contract and extended for 4 months till the elderly passed away. She decided to go back.

August 2016 - Oct 2016 (Singapore)

Nur Umaya now shes working with chinese employer family of 4 peoples in the 3 room flat. Majority are adults and Nur Umaya duties is to take care of elderly ah kong age 76 years old has a mild dementia ,semi mobile patients and need assistance to the toilet or shower,he uses pampers and have to feed him too. She has to do the general housework and simple cooking if necessary.


Nurmayah is very experience in handling elderly and disabled person. She can speak good MANDARIN and CANTONESE.

She can only understand simple basics English.

Can do Chinese cooking


Divorced (39)
Ref: src_nur ...
Upd on 22-Oct-16

3 Days New Branch Opening Promo until 26 October, 2016
For Free Interview please call :
(Pls sms for call back with your requirements if lines are busy)

Katong Shopping Centre: 67430407 / 67430457 / 83529252
Orchard:=========67330407 / 67330402 / 67348346 / 82507107
Bukit Timah:======64630407 / 64676757 / 85251401

Single (28)
Ref: TM09--6216
Upd on 23-Oct-16

MARRY ANN is a single mother of 2 children ages 5 & 7. She is a dedicated mother who wants to support the needs of her children that made her to comeback to Singapore.

Feb 2013 to Jan 2014 - 1st employer was an Indian family of 4 adults and 2 children ages 6 & 4. They lived in a 3-room condominium. She was tasked to look after young children, cooking, laundry, car washing, caring for an elderly aged 92 and general housekeeping. The family released her as she had to go back to Philippines due to family related matter.

Mar 2014 to Apr 2016 - 2nd employer was a Chinese family of 2 adults and one child aged 1 month. They resided in condo of 4 bedrooms. Her duties were child care, cooking Chinese food, doing the laundry and general housekeeping.

Apr 2016 to present - her employer is an Arabic family of 2 adults and 3 children of one, 4 and a 7 years old. Their residence is a 5 bedrooms condo. She is the 2nd helper in the family. Her duties include cooking Arabic food and making breads. She cannot get along with the other helper and requested for a transfer.

Marry Ann loves children especially Newborns and cooking too.

For a personal inetrview arrangement, please call or sms Ms. Yula at 8666-1409 or Ms. Joan at 8666-1408.

Single (30)
Ref: SK-1016-068
Upd on 25-Oct-16

San Hoi Dim aged 25 single Christian from Chin state Myanmar has about two years of working experience in Singapore with one Chinese family. She has experience taking care of 3 yrs old child beside housekeeping and cooking. She is able to converse well in English. Willing to care for children / elderly. Currently on transfer available for face to face interview.

Single (25)
Ref: KAM515
Upd on 21-Oct-16

Ellen is a humble woman with a good personality. She is a single parent with 1 child aged 3 years old. She had been working hard for her child to have a better future that is why she wants to go back again to Singapore.

Her employment history are as follows:

In Hongkong, she was employed to a Chinese Family with 3 members. She took care 2 adults and 1 baby aged 3 months old. She performs housekeeping duties such as washing the laundry, cleaning, cooking, ironing and changing linens. But her main priority is to take care of the baby. Her task includes the following: she maintains a safe environment for the child to play, observe and monitor children's play activities, regulate children's rest periods. They stayed in a 2-bedroom flat. She had been with her employer for 1 year and 4 months.

In Singapore, she had worked as a health care assistant in a certain hospital. Her task is to maintain records of patient care condition,progress or problems to report and discuss observation with supervisor. She check patient's pulse, temperature and respiration. She provide patients with help moving in and out of beds, baths, wheelchairs, or automobiles and with dressing and grooming. She too care patients by changing linens, washing and ironing the laundry, cleaning and assisting with their personal care. She had worked for 4 years and return back to home country.

Ellen is experienced to take care newborn and elderly. She can cook and willing to learn more. She can handle dogs as well.

For any further enquiry, you can call us at 67384715, we will be glad to assist.

Single (36)
Ref: FBOS02-2...
Upd on 25-Oct-16

Majayna worked in Singapore for 9 years. She is a very capable, experienced and efficient helepr. he took care of all the hosuehold chores including cleaning,grocery shopping meal planningcooking ad plant care and take care of pets. She also took care of children from 1 years old to grown up.

Majayna is a very detailed worker who takes a lot of initiative.She is meticulous with her cleaning. When her employer or on vocation,she would take the initiative to clean her employer's entire house or apartment. She is also excellent cook. She can cook extremely delicious Asian and Western meals, and she can barbeque very well, She can handle new recipes easily and can improvise to them taste better. She planned all her employer meals and did the groceries independently without supervision. Her employment record below.

2007-2009- She was employed by a Chinese family with 1 child 5 months old when she joined her employer family. They resided in a Condo consist of 3 bedrooms. Majayna both employer are working and she is in-charged in doing all the cleaning, and taking care of the child. She finished her 2 years contract. After her contract ends, she was transfer to another family. She was employed by an Indian Vegetarian family consist of 6 adults and 2 children She only stayed with them for only 2 months, because she need to clean 2 house.

Majayna, went back home to be with her family. She come back year 2010-2015- She was employed by a British family with 3 children. They live in a Landed house. She does all the cleaning, and doing all the cooking. She also need to take care of 2 dogs, and doing all the groceries. Her contract lasted for 5 years. Employer relocated.

2015 when she joined her employer they are HK chinese and American family. She has been with them for almost 2 years now. She take good care of 1 child 1 years old when she started working with them. She is available for interview anytime.

Single (39)
Ref: ADP/M/8245
Upd on 25-Oct-16

MARISSA is currently working for Chinese family in 3-storey house. She joined the family on May 2011 when the kids were 2 & 5 years old. Her duties includes cleaning, laundry, ironing and taking care of kids. She starts her day early to clean the house so she can attend to the kids when they wake up. She bathe them, prepare breakfast, school uniform and attend to the older one after school. She interact well with the kids. After her 3 years service, the third child was born. It's her primary duty to take care of the baby. She prepare milk formula, sterilize feeding bottles and wash baby clothes by hand. She bathe the baby and coax to sleep. She's responsible of the children's safety, feeding, bathing, keeping their clothes, shoes, school bags and other stuff. Additional helper was hired to share loads of household chores.

Prior to this family, she worked for more than 1 year to Chinese couple with newborn baby. Her duties were cleaning the house in the morning, pack baby's stuff for a day's use of diapers, clothes and formula milk. She stay at her employer's parents house and return home at night.

She came in Singapore on December 2007 and was employed by Chinese working couple with newborn baby and 2 1/2 years old son. She did laundry and cleaning the house before the kids wake up. Ahmah fetch them everyday with the kids to stay in their nearby house. She cook dinner in Ahmah's house and fetch by employer in the evening.

During her 7 years experience as domestic helper in Singapore, she has taken care of newborn, toddlers, 7 years old boy with special needs, taken care of old woman with dementia , did housekeeping and cooking Chinese food.

Marissa is available for interview with prior arrangement.

Separated (39)
Ref: SR-162088
Upd on 25-Oct-16

Ms Moe Nwe, has worked in Singapore for 7 months. She resigned due to insufficient food.

Currently, with another Chinese house of 8 people for 4 months. Doing childcare for 4 children, 12,14,5 & 3 years old. Work is too much for her.. She loves looking after children.

Single (24)
Ref: MMT0965
Upd on 24-Oct-16

Ita is 30 years old, married with 2 children age 8 and 11 years old child.

2011-2014 : She has worked 2.5 years with a Chinese family living in a bungalow. She looked after 2 children age 6 and 15 years old. Her duties included cooking, laundry, iroing, marketing and general housekeeping.

2014-2016 : Currently she is working almost 3 years with a Chinese family living in a 2 storey house. Employer's reference: Ita has worked with our family for more than 2 years since Jan 2014. She has performed her work very well during her employment with my family. Ita has been a great help to us and she possesses many good qualities :

  • She kept my house very clean.
  • She does car washing
  • Proved to be honest and reliable.
  • She looked after my 2 children from 7 and 10 years old.
  • She is a very good cook. She can cook a variety of Chinese food as she learned from my mother. Keen to try out different types of cooking and can follow recipes.

As my family no longer require the service of a domestic helper as my children has grown up. I wish her all the best for her next employment and I am sure Ita will be a real asset to your family.

Available for immediate transfer

For interview pls call 67325855


Married (30)
Ref: SUPER 3049
Upd on 24-Oct-16


TRI is 44 years old married with 2 children aged 21 and 11 years old from Maduiri Indonesia with good employment history. She is with the 1st employer for 4 years and going to finished her 2 years contract with the current employer . Hardworking and reliable helper.

January 2011 - January January 2015 ( 4 years) with Indonesian family with 2 children aged 15 and 11 years old. Her duties are child minding , cooking cleaning laundry , ironing and all other domestic jobs.

April 2015 - Present ( 1 year 6 months) Chinese Malay family with 6 children aged 8,4,3,2,1 and 8 months. Her duties are infant care and child care , cooking , cleaning , laundry and all other household chores.

She is patient and caring

Independent and can follow her work schedules.

For interview please call:

Vivian - 97803261

Anabel - 9644 7956

Married (44)
Ref: ALPE 161...
Upd on 25-Oct-16

MARIBEL is humble, hardworking lady, trustworthy and a mother of 4 children. Her experienced in Singapore is more or less than 4 years.Also in Philippines she have an experienced of 8 years taking care of babies and young children. She is also a mother of 4 kids and she was the one took care of them. Her 1st employment was with a Chinese family living in a 3storey house. She took care of 80yrs old elderly & at the same time does all the general house work. The elderly passed away.

April 2012- Mar 2014: She worked with a Chinese family staying in HDB flat. Her main duty was to take care of the 2 children aged 8 & 10yrs old girls. She assists them in their needs & sends them to & fro to school. Her other duties were to the all-around housekeeping, marketing, car washing & cooking and some time car washing. She can cook Chinese cuisines & Western cuisines. Maribel is a fast learner & an independent lady. She can follow recipe books easily & follow instructions that are given to her. She finished her 2 years contract with them.

March 2014 - 2015: working with an Indian family wt 1 child aged 3 months to 2 years old staying in a Hdb.She finished her contract to her employer.Did all around housework.

2015 -2016 She worked for Indian family living in a condo looked after 9 months old when she started. She managed the housework, laundry and ironing, as well as the cooking. The employer moved back for good to their country. Maribel is opting to be transferred to a prospective employer who is willing to entrust her their household. To arrange for personal interview, please call or sms, EDNA 91452795

Married (38)
Ref: 101_0553
Upd on 24-Oct-16

Maria Jane ever worked as a helper for 12 years.

2004-2016 worked in Kuwait looking after 2 children at the age of 12,9 yrs old. Does all around housekeeping, cleaning, washing , ironing ,cooking and marketing. Employer stay in 3 rooms apartment.

Father is a farmer and mother is a housekeeper. She is very keen to work abroad again as she needs to help her parents/siblings financially also for her future sake.

Maria Jane is simple, independent, hardworking, obedient , listen/follow instruction and very much willing to learn.

Work with Indian family looking after 1 child at the age of 1 years old. Does all around housekeeping, cleaning,washing, ironing and cooking . Employer are strickly vegetarian. Employer stay in condominium.

Can interview personally and transfer anytime

Single (42)
Ref: UD1005
Upd on 25-Oct-16

Erica is transfer helper she worked in Chinese/Indian Family, she worked for 1 month her main job is to look after 1 boy age 2.5 years old, house keeping and helping her employer for cooking.

Erica Loren has 4 years working experience in her home country baby sitter/nanny in one employer, she can take care young children and elderly if required based on her experience, She can work all around like washing, ironing, mopping and dusting, she can cook filipino food and follow from recipe book, she speak good english, fast learner with minimal supervision, she is very flexible and love children very much, she can read story book and play with them.

Single (24)
Ref: GD0719
Upd on 25-Oct-16
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