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Norieza is 45 years old from Isabela.She is married with 3 children ages 27,24 and 22 years old.She completed High school educaion and was speak a good English.She is Patience and hardworking.She works hard to be able to help her faly back home.She is good with when it comes to childminding and housekeeping.She can cook Chinese dishes well and able to follow cookbook recipes as well.She is independent and flexible.

12 Feb 2007-Til Present.She is currently working for Singaporean couple,living in a condo unit.Her duties are assisting them wit their needs and housekeeping.She does mainly preparing their breakfast in the morning, general housekeeping like washing clothes,ironing,vaccume and mop,dusting,folding clothes neatly and more. She does simple chinese cooking. Reason for leaving :The employer no longer need a helper.

31 March-2006 Til Feb 2007.She worked for Singaporean family with 2 children.Her duties were childminding and housekeeping.She did mainly assisting the children with their needs like giving them meals on time,prepared them for School and more.She did her housekeepind duties such as cooking,washing clothes,cleaning and organsing the house all the time.Reason for leaving: Family has financial difficulties and decided not to hire a helper already.

25 Nov- 2004-Jan 2006.She worked for Singaporean family with Singaporean family with 6 months old in a HDB flat.Her duties were childminding and housekeeping.She did feeding the child accordingly,bathe,changed clothes and diaper and puts the baby to sleep,She did her housekeeping duties while the baby was asleep such as cooking,washing clothes,vaccume,cleaning the toilet,cleaning the kitchen very well and more.She did grocery shopping as well.Reason for leaving: The employer is very fussy.

24 Dec 1997-May 1998.She worked for Singaorean family with 1 child,living in a condo unit.Her duties were childminding and housekeeping.She did assisted the child to bathe,giving meals,changing clothes and putting her to bed.She played with the child during her free time.She did cooking,washing clothes,ironing and more.Reason for leaving: Misunderstanding with the employer.

17 Oct- 1997 Dec 1997.She worked for Singaporean/Malay family with 2 children,living in HDB flat.Her duties were childminding and housekeeping.She attended the children needs like giving them meals on time,prepared them for school and more.She did her duties in housekeeping such as cooking,washin clothes,ironing,sweep and mop,cleaning toilet and more.She did marketing as well.Reason for leaving: She cannot meet he employers expectation

27 July 1997-0ct 1997.She worked for Singaporean family with 3 children,living in a HDB flat.Her duties were chidminding

March 1996-July 1997.She worked for Singaporean family with 2 grown up children living in a HDB flat.Her duties were to assit them with their neeeds and housekeeping.She did preparing breakfast daily for the family,preparing their things before going to work.She did her housekeeping duties such as cooking,laundry,cleaning the house regualry and grocery shopping.Reason for leaving: The employers decided not to hire helper,due to family problem

21 Jan-1996-March 1996..She worked for Singaporean family with 2 chidren ages 5 and 7 year old,living in a HDB flat.Herr duties were to assist the children to shool and housekeping.Reason for leaving:The employer Mother ask her to worked to another house,

For more informaton and prior arragement call us at Jobsearch tel nos.68365398/68365795

Married (45)
Ref: Jobsearc...
Upd on 23-Oct-16

She worked for three (3) year only here in Singapore. She is very capable in taking care of children. She can cook and willing to learn some other kinds of cooking as well. She can do the housework independently. She can follow instructions and we willing to be obedient.

Single (36)
Ref: AAP-0334
Upd on 21-Oct-16

About Shrai
Shrai is married with 2 children (7 & 9 years old). She has relevant experience as a stay-in housemaid cum babysitter for 3 years in Philippines (Baguio City). Children care, general household chores, cooking and other ad hoc duties. Her husband is a farmer who does not have stable income. She is willing to apply to work overseas in order to share the financial burden. Her husband is willing to take care of the children when she is out for work. Cheerful and positive minded. She is ready to learn things in new environment. Willing to share bedroom with children / elderly.

Working Experience
(1) 2012 - 2015: Philippines (Baguio City)

  • Only housemaid cum babysitter
  • Serving 2 adults and 1 child (1 year old)
  • Primary duty: Taking care of a child (1 year old)
  • Secondary duties: General chores, laundry and cooking

Sleeping arrangement
Sharing bedroom with children / elderly

Deployment Period
Estimate around 32 working days after approval from MOM work pass application


At INTEGRITY Maid & Employment Services, we are focused on delivering not just any ordinary domestic helper or foreign worker, but quality ones with the necessary competencies and very importantly, INTEGRITY
Married (28)
Ref: MJ 1610121
Upd on 12-Oct-16








Married (27)
Ref: UY16-JD
Upd on 10-Oct-16

Rosyl A. Asurquin (SRC/JAP-01)

Rosyl is 35 years old married with no children. She is the 3rd amongst her 7 siblings. She worked in Singapore for 4 years and 3 months with 2 employers.

Her 1st employer was Chinese family consisted of 5 members, (elderly lady, 2 teenagers, sir and ma'am) she took care of elderly bedridden lady. Due to Rosyl's fisrt time working abroad as a domestic helper, it is not easy for her to get adjusted with the elderly bedriden lady at the same time doing all the household chores. Rosyl worked for only 3 months as she does not have the chemistry with the elderly lady and she transferred to new employer.

Rosyl worked with her 2nd employer for 4 years with Chinese family, consisted of 3 members. Her main duty was taking care of wheelchair bound lady. She needs to carry the elderly from bed to wheelchair (vise versa), Rosyl helped her with all her daily needs such, taking shower, changing pampers, changing clothes, helped to feed and in-charged with the elderly medication independently, she also shared room with the elderly lady. Besides taking care of the elderly lady, Rosyl also need to do all the household chores and cook for her employer mostly lunch and dinner. Rosyl was actually due for work permit renewal after 4 years, employer also helped to renew her passport in Singapore, unfortunately the elderly pass away and her employer family do not need her service anymore. Rosyl decided to go back home to Philippines to take a rest.

Based with her experience, she prefers to take care of elderly again as she has the confident in taking care of elderly.

Claims she can cook simple Chinese food and willing to learn more.

Contact Skills and Resources Consultancy

At 63363351 / 62523221

Married (35)
Ref: SRC/JAP-01
Upd on 13-Oct-16

Rogelia is a filipino, 47 year old, married with 3 children.

Rogelia works with Indian family for 8 years.

For full biodata please call us at 67358968.

Married (48)
Ref: QM-1140
Upd on 14-Oct-16

Sheryl Jurilla Castromayor, a 38-year-old married to a 47-year-old farmer with 4 children aged 19,14, 10 and 3. She completed her high school education in 1995. To support her family, she worked as a kitchen helper in a restaurant, a food packer in a factory and a baby sitter in their province for a few years before being selected to work as a domestic helper in Kuwait in 2007. Currently, she is selling cooked food in her province while waiting for her application in Singapore to be selected.

This applicant is a hardworking and cheerful person with initiative. As an experienced housemaid and a mother of 4 children, she is well versed in doing all household chores, cleaning toilets, mopping floors, washing and ironing of clothes, marketing and cooking. She is capable of taking care of newborns and young children and attending to their daily needs such as bathing, feeding, changing of diapers and clothes and sterilising of utensils and playing and reading of story books. She can cook Filipino food and simple Arabic and Western dishes and is willing to learn more.

Kuwait ( 2007 - 2009 ) served an Arab family living in a 2-storey house with 2 adults and a newborn baby. Her main duties was to take care of the daily needs of the newborn such as feeding, bathing, sterilising baby utensils and changing of diapers. When the newborn was resting, she would clean up the house, washed the toilets, do laundry and ironing of clothes and other duties as and well instructed by her employer. She prepared the family meals and washed the car once a week. She completed her contract and went back to Philippines after serving the family for 2 years.

Philippines ( 2010 - 2013 ) worked as a domestic helper for a Filipino family living in a residential house with 3 adults and 2 children aged 2 and 4. Her work duties include household chores, washing and ironing of clothes and attending to the daily needs of the children. She also assisted the grandmother in preparing the family meals. She served the family for about 3 years.

Upon confirmation, she will undergo in house training in an accredited centre and POEA training and processing prior to deployment to Singapore. She can be interviewed by phone upon request. Recommended salary is $550.00 per month.

Married (38)
Ref: SPN197
Upd on 15-Oct-16

Maricel O. Batoy is 31 years old. She is single mother. She came from Dasitam, Baclayon Bohol, Philippines. She is a high school Graduate. There are 10 siblings in their family, 6 girl and 4boys and she is the 4th among siblings.


  • Employers consist of Madam, Sir, madam`s sister, 2 children; boy and girl, ages 15 and 17 year old
  • Only housemaid in an HDB house with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathroom
  • Her main priority is doing general household, cleaning the house
  • She also does washing clothes, ironing, taking care of 1 pet; dog, and marketing daily
  • She is the one who cook for everyday meal of her employer,
  • She knows how to cook basic Chinese foods like stir fry vegetable, chicken soup, fried chicken, ABC soup and lotus soup
  • She want to go back in Singapore to work to support her family`s needs
  • Her mother will look after her daughter
  • She is not afraid of dogs
  • She prefers to take good care of children, ages 1 year old and above, and willing to take care of pets like dogs.


She is available for interview at Bukit Timah Shopping Center Branch

Looking forward to hear from you soon. You may call me at 6269 0188 or email me at


Bright Manpower Employment Pte Ltd

License No: 13C6889

170 Upper Bukit Timah Road

#02-24 Bukit Timah Shopping Centre

Singapore 588179

Single (31)
Ref: M-Maricel B
Upd on 16-Oct-16
Married (45)
Ref: SM100
Upd on 13-Oct-16
Married (44)
Ref: MCI11064
Upd on 10-Oct-16

Ma. Cecilia C Ballestar, 30years old, Single Parent with 8 yrs old boy. Her mother & youngest sis is the one who will look after her son while she worked in Kuwait for 5.8 years for 1 employer.

Kuwait Exp - Dec 2010 - Aug 2016 - 5.8 years worked with 1 couple & 4 children ages 12,10 boys & 2 yrs old & 4 months old baby when she left her employment. They have 2 helpers in the house on & off during her employment, both her employer are working but when madam is in confinement, she will be staying up to 6 months to look after the baby & Cecilia will assist. She knows how to care of the baby, bathing, feeding, read stories, sing children song, play volleyball with the boys as they loved the games, alternating to look after the children with the other helper, Cecilia also can cook simple filipino food, Arabic food & willing to learn more,cleaning all around the house, ironing, washing. The house is 2 storey house with another apt for the helper.

Overall Ma. Cecilia have a kind and happy face, soft spoken, can communicate in english well, good attitude. She is ok to look after newly born but need assistance (As different family have their way) but willing to follow & learn, children of any age,elderly care for bedridden or not she is willing to take care as she have expereince for a few months with her grandma who was bedridden until she regain her health. Can work with vegetarian family but eat less chillies. She is ok with pets like dogs or cats.

Single Parent (30)
Ref: 1000916-EXA
Upd on 28-Sep-16

JENNY OLAVIDES FELIPE, a 38-year-old married to a 38-year-old Tricycle driver and they are blessed with a 12 year old son residing at Markina City. She is the third child among her 3 sbilings. Her 64-year-old mother is a housewife while her father already passed away. She accomplished her secondary education at Elipidio Quirino High School and graduated year 1994, afterwards she took a degree in Chemistry but didn’t manage to continue due to some financial circumstances. She was also selected to work in Hong Kong from Mar 2013 and served a Chinese family. Currently she is working in a printing company and on her free time she takes care of her child and does the household chores for her family while waiting for her application in Singapore to be selected.

1) The applicant claims to be honest, trustworthy and hardworking. As an experienced housemaid and mother, she can be considered proficient and flexible in performing household chores such as doing the laundry, pressing clothes, keeping the house in order, cleaning the whole house, washing the dishes and marketing. She is also familiar in handling infant and young children and capable in performing basic infant to child care duties and attending for their other needs as well. She is also experienced taking care of her 60-years-old elder due to old aged needs assistance. She assisted in feeding, changing clothes, bathing, and giving her medication. She was responsible in giving direct nursing care such as bathing, feeding, giving medication and perform necessary duties that needed. She has knowledge in cooking Filipino dishes and can follow instructions through cook book and still keen to learn more for her improvement. She is also willing to do marketing, gardening and car washing.

2) Hong Kong (Mar 2013 - Oct 2013) served a Chinese family living in a 3-bedroom condominium with 4 adult. She worked as as an all around helper for the family and she is mainly responsible in doing pressing clothes, doing the laundry, washing the dishes, cleaning the whole house, marketing, cooking and other house errands as when she is instructed by her employer and other family member.

3) As she has working experience overseas other than Singapore as she only needs to take the POEA processing in Philippines. She can be deployed faster than new as she will not undergo the one week in house training in Philippines. Recommended salary to be S$500.00

Other Data ; visit our direct website @ / / / or call Our offices

Main office: Orchard: +65 68873944 Jurong +65 65665980 East Coast: +65 68422140

Single (39)
Ref: DANS 17858
Upd on 28-Sep-16

Jennel is 32 years old,married with 3 kids (3,6,9).She is eldest child among 2 siblings from Sto Domingo Nueva Ecija.She graduated High School year 2002.She is experienced domestic here in Singapore.She is now seeking employment here again to help her husband financially and also to save for her children's education.She is currently taking care of her children while waiting for her application to be selected by employer.

March 2015-August 2016 she worked for Chinese-American family.The family consist of 2 adults and newborn.Her main duty is general house work,child care,cooking,laundry,ironing of clothes,marketing,doing dishes and all other house work.She is responsible for the basic needs of newborn such as bathing,feeding,changing clothes/diaper,coax to sleep,prepare food/formula milk,play and all other kids stuff.Sometimes ran some errands told by her employer.

Jennel is good in general house work like maintaining the cleanliness of the house,child care,cooking,laundry,ironing of clothes,marketing,doing dishes and all other house work.She is good in child care,she can cook Western and simple Chinese dishes.She is ready for deployment anytime upon confirmation.She can be interview anytime via phone or video call.

Married (32)
Ref: JSM-0770
Upd on 04-Oct-16

Introduction: GARIANDO ROSEAMAR LLAMES has proven herself as a good and effecient domestic helper worked in Singapore for 3 year. Her main duties was looking after kids, doing housework, as well as cooking. Matured, patient and reliable worker. She make sure that all the duties and responsibilities assigned to her is finish on time. She has good knowledge in childcare and is a fast learner. She can prepare dishes like chicken curry, steam fish, different kind of soups, fried vegetable, etc.. She can get along with children well . She wants to come back and work in Singapore again to help her family financially.

Married (30)
Ref: MMS-SH 154
Upd on 28-May-15

Mercy Faith has experience working as a housemaid in the Philippines. Her 1st employer - year 2012 till 2013. She look after 6 months old baby, do cooking and housekeeping. Her 2nd employer - year 2014 till 2015. Her duties was taking care of 2 children, ages 6 month old baby girl and 1 year old boy. She also do cooking and housekeeping.

Single (24)
Ref: F-NS-0048
Upd on 20-Sep-16

Morina N. Jamero is a ex-abroad from Brunei, 45 years old, married with 2 children, undergraduate of Commerce.
She has 3years of working experience as domestic helper in Brunei with Malaysian Employer. She take care the children age 3 and 5 years old. And doing all the household work. She's willing to look after the newborn/children, elderly and disabled. She know's how to cook Filipino Dishes and willing to learn other dishes. She can do ironing, laundry and all the general housework that may given to her.
She would to work here to support her family.
Available for telephone interview.

Married (46)
Ref: AMAPH 0084
Upd on 03-Sep-16

Evangeline is 32 years old and married woman with no kids yet she can handle children. Evangeline decided to work abroad and work as a domestic helper as she wanted to help her family back home. She has a good personality, able to work with different types of employer, obedient and flexible. She is willing to follow instructions from her employer, hard working and polite.

Jan 2010 - Mar 2010: Has worked for an American family living in a 3 Storey House with 4 bedrooms consists of couple and 2 children ages 15 and 12. Her main duties are general housekeeping which includes cleaning the entire house by dusting, vacuuming and mopping the floor, does the laundry and ironing as well as marketing and cooking. She is also required to do take care of dog.

Sep 2007 - Jan 2010: Her first time to work as a domestic helper in Singapore. It was a Chinese family who lives in a condominium with 3 bedrooms. The family consists of 6, the couple, one elderly and their 3 children. Evangeline daily routine is to assists the children with their needs especially their food to eat and things to use / bring in school. Aside from these, she also does general housekeeping which includes, cleaning the entire house, do the laundry and ironing, washing the dishes and do some running errands.

Evangeline is currently in the Philippines and looking forward to come back in Singapore for work. She can be interviewed anytime.


Married (33)
Ref: HHA - 3392
Upd on 27-Aug-16

- Recommended for care of children and housework

Aiza De Pedro (27, Single) has worked in Singapore from 2012- 2015.

Her first employer was a Singaporean family of 4. She helped in taking care of the two children. She prepared breakfast and helped them get ready for school. She send and pick them up from school if needed. When the kids are in school, her day is occupied in cleaning the house, grocery shopping, laundry and ironing. She will cook simple Chinese food for the family like soup and stir fry dishes. She completed her contract with this employer. On her second employer was a family of 4 staying in a HDB flat. Her main responsibility was to take care of their youngest son only when Sir and Madam are at work. Aside from this, she did all housekeeping required. She stayed with them for almost a year and went home to the Philippines.

She wants to go back to Singapore for work so she can provide for her mom and save more money.

Since she was a FDW before, she can communicate and understand English well. She can follow instructions and work independently.

Salary: SGD 550. Availability: Jan 2016.

Single (27)
Ref: AC_008
Upd on 03-Feb-16

She has no overseas working experience and is a production operator before.

She is hardworking and needed a job urgently to support her son.

She is willing to care for children and can cook Filipino food.

Please call us at 6733 6678 for more information about her.

ETA: 1 and a half month.

Single Parent (23)
Ref: D05
Upd on 24-May-16
Single Parent (26)
Ref: 0115-10022
Upd on 22-Jan-15
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