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Gracie joy is 27 years old.She s single and has 3 children ages 8,7 and 5 years old.She completed high school education and was able to understand and speak english.She is responsible and hardworking.She dont have experience working abroad but She knew basic housekeeping such as sweeping.laundry,ironing,mopping,tidying the bedrooms,cooking basic filipino dish and western,taking care of the children as She has experience nourishing her own kids ad a lot more.Gracie is a fast learner and willing to learn new things and adapt to a new environment.She is hopes to come abroad to provid a better living for her family and good educaton fr her children.

For more information and prior arrangemet kindly call us at Jobsearch tell nos.68365398/68365795

Single (28)
Ref: Jobsearc...
Upd on 06-Dec-16

Fe is 37-year-old, happily married and have 6 loving kids. She wants to work abroad to save money for the harelip operation of her youngest daughter and to support her family. She might not have any experience working abroad, but she has a good working background here in the Philippines. Back in 2009 - 2012, she served a Filipino woman (60-year-old with diabetic) and they lived at bungalow with 1 bedroom and 1 toilet. She assisted her needs like going to hospital for her weekly check up, and she does the general housework & she served her for 3 years, it ended because her madam was died. After that she got employed again in the year 07/2013 to 05/2015, She takes care a Special child (polio). They are 2 family members ages 55 (grandma) and 8-year-old (grandson). She's only maid in the house. She does the general housework and cooking she finished her contract for 2 years and she didn't extend because she got pregnant already. She is very hardworking and very reliable person. She can accept any kind of job scope and willing to learn new things like cooking other dishes. She will make sure that she will satisfy her employer with her service.


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Married (37)
Ref: FNE 3174
Upd on 05-Dec-16

Cheryl is single and from Manila.

Currently she's working in Filipino family, living in Condominium. She take care of 12 years old. She fetch/bring him from school bus. She prepare his school uniforms/shoes/bag/snacks. she did all the household chores.

She can only cook Filipino but willing to learn more dishes.

She is available for interview anytime.

Single (34)
Ref: Cheryl
Upd on 04-Dec-16

3 Days New Branch Opening Promo until 08 December, 2016

For Free Interview please call :
(Pls sms for call back with your requirements if lines are busy)

Katong Shopping Centre: 67430407 / 67430457 / 83529252
Orchard:=========67330407 / 67330402 / 67348346 / 82507107
Bukit Timah:======64630407 / 64676757 / 85251401

GINA DACOCO NOBLE, 37 year old mother of 5 children. She was born in Oas Albay and raised in San Jose del Monte Bulacan. She finished her secondary education.

General Housework - She can perform all of household tasks including cleaning, cooking and childcare. She can do cleaning kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, vacuuming, dusting, washing, folding laundry, ironing, grocery shopping, preparing meals, serving meals to the family and cleaning dining room.

Childcare - She can assist host family in supervising children, dressing them for school and helping with homework.

Cooking - She knows how to prepare and cook Filipino, Chinese and Western foods and willing to learn other foreign cuisines if properly trained. She also knows how to follow recipe books.

Married (37)
Ref: TM11-0716
Upd on 06-Dec-16


Please call 65159282/ 96719719 to arrange for an Interview

Our website :

Our email :

Rowena is married with 2 children 7 and 15 years old, she is currently in The Philippines. She has experience looking after infant/children. She is suitable for care of infant/children.


WELCOME to I.DEAL Employment Services

I.DEAL's package ( For New Filipino NOT IN SINGAPORE): $1651.15 (Excluding insurance)

1) Agency/Service/Supply Fee : $ 538/- nett
2) Work permit Application: $30/- (With Effect from 08/08/2015)

3) Work permit Issuance: $30/- (With Effect from 08/08/2015)

4) Letter of Guarantee to Philippines Embassy : $48.15/-
5) Philippines's documents : $700/- (With Effect from 08/08/2015)

6) Medical examination : $80/- (With effect from 08/08/2015)

7) SIP (For 1st timer helper only) : $75/- (With effect from 08/08/2015)

8) Lump Sum transportation/food/lodging : $150/- (With effect from 08/08/2015)

* Insurance and $5000 Bond : from $240.75

Reimbursement of Indemnity : $53.50/-

Highly Recommended ($310.30): Deluxe or ($347.75) Exclusive (By ECICS) with Reimbursement of Indemnity: Protects your $5000 if Bond is called but subject to an excess of $250/-

Benefits of ECICS Exclusive Plan:

A) Personal Accident (up to $40,000)

B) 90 days Pre & Post Hospitalization, Day Surgery (Up to $30,000/annum)

C) Outpatient medical expenses including Dental Treatment resulting from injury due to an accident (Up to $3,000)

D) Wages and Levy Reimbursement (Up to $40/day Max 60 days)

E) And many more (Please refer to attached insurance proposal form)

Placement Fee

1) Upfront payment by Employer on behalf of Maid's Placement Fee: 4+- months of her salary

Replacement Policy
2 replacement for 12 months: NO AGENCY FEE
1) Work permit Application: $30/- (With Effect from 08/08/2015)

2) Work permit Issuance: $30/- (With Effect from 08/08/2015)

3) Lump Sum transportation/food/lodging : $150/- (With effect from 08/08/2015)

4) Insurance and $5000 Bond : from $240.75

Reimbursement of Indemnity : $53.50/-

Highly Recommended ($310.30): Deluxe or ($347.75) Exclusive (By ECICS) with Reimbursement of Indemnity: Protects your $5000 if Bond is called but subject to an excess of $250/-

Benefits of ECICS Exclusive Plan:

A) Personal Accident (up to $40,000)

B) 90 days Pre & Post Hospitalization, Day Surgery (Up to $30,000/annum)

C) Outpatient medical expenses including Dental Treatment resulting from injury due to an accident (Up to $3,000)

D) Wages and Levy Reimbursement (Up to $40/day Max 60 days)

E) And many more (Please refer to attached insurance proposal form)

5) Previous insurance refundable

Note: Source country's documents/ Fee is applicable for FDW NOT IN SINGAPORE :

$ 500/- (Indonesian) or $ 700/- (Filipino/Myanmar)

Payment Mode:
1) Cheque: Make payable to I.DEAL Employment Services
2) Cash payment at our office,
3) Internet Banking : OCBC current account Clementi Branch # 622879781001 or POSB Saving account Clementi Branch # 121452294

Employer's Orientation Program for 1st timer Employer

Link for Employer's Orientation Program for 1st timer Employer

Please visit our website for more bio data. I.DEAL website
Our KAH and Agency's detail can be verify @ I.DEAL Employment Service (Ministry of Manpower)
Sample of Service Agreement required by MOM (As of 1st Apr 2011)
Ministry of Manpower (Recommended Employment contract)

Other Services available

1) Renewal of Passport (Filipino): S$ 380/-

2) Home Leave Processing (Filipino maid): S$ 280/-

3) Renewal of Work Permit (Filipino & Indonesian maid) : S$ 120/-

and/or Insurance with $ 5000/- Security Bond Guarantee : S$ 240.75

Lodging Services/ Transfer Services ( Employer are WELCOME to visit our Lodging House for a PEACE of MIND)

1) Food and Lodging services @ S$ 15/day (Employer to sign Lodging Form as per MOM's requirement)
(If you are going away for a holiday and do not wish to leave your HELPER alone at HOME, we will be able to house your HELPER during your trip)
**Proper food and lodging will be provided. (99.999% safe as Helper will only stay @ our Lodging House)
2) Transfer Helper with Food and Lodging services @ S$ 0/- (Employer to sign Lodging Form & Release Paper as per MOM's requirement)
(If you have a HELPER who is looking for a NEW EMPLOYER and you do not know any SAFE/ PROPER place where she can stay while looking for a NEW EMPLOYER. We will be able to house your HELPER and get her a NEW EMPLOYER/ Transfer)
**Proper food and lodging will be provided.
(99.999% safe as Helper will only stay @ our Lodging House and interview with the present of our Agency's representative)
Employer to bear only Helper's LEVY, Agency will bear Food and Lodging during Helper's stay.
Transfer charges to Helper upon successful application: S$ 500/- or 1 month of salary (whichever is higher)
Repatriation/ Airport Services from S$ 50/- per trip ( Employer are WELCOME to visit our Lodging House for a PEACE of MIND)
Services includes:
1) Sending your HELPER to Airport for Repatriation purposes.
2) Ensure clearance of Immigration checkpoint @ Airport (sms Employer after HELPER cleared immigration)
3) Returning of Work permit card to MOM
Employer to ENSURE that all monetary issue is settled with the Helper before repatriation and declared that there are no outstanding monetary issue including outstanding salary payment. (Please provide salary payment schedule acknowledge by Helper (if any).
Additional Services
1) Proper Cancellation of Work Permit for Repatriation Purposes : S$ 20/-
2) Picking up HELPER from Employer's House to send to Airport/ Lodging House : S$ 30/-
3) Food & Lodging @ S$ 15/day (Optional)

Your I.DEAL Agency

I.DEAL EMPLOYMENT SERVICES (Teo Kiat Hoe Samuel R1100105/ licence #: 09C3273)

Address : 18 Boonlay Way #04-109, Tradehub 21 (609966)


Website :

Email :

Office : +65 6515 9282

Fax : +65 6515 9281

Mobile : +65 9671 9719 (Sam Teo)

Married (39)
Ref: Rowena I...
Upd on 05-Dec-16

Contact :Hirestrategy @67373673 /67376167

Single (38)
Ref: T1920
Upd on 04-Dec-16
19/10/2016 TILL NOW- SINGAPORE, 2 months, (bitten by hyperactive children, communication breakdown with Thai Mam)
2 children, 3 adults, 3 rooms flat. Her duties were doing all around household chores, cooking, washing, ironing, etc. She can cook simple Chinese dishes like soy sauce chicken, fried rice, stir fried vegetable, porridge, etc.
06/09/2016 to 19/10/2016- SINGAPORE, 1 month 2 weeks
4 adults, 2 bungalow, 3 storey tall, 3 cars, doing all around household chores, cooking, washing, ironing, wash car, etc

06/08/13 to 14/03/15- DUBAI, 1 year 7 months, contract completed.

A family of 6, 2 adults, 4 children, living in a mansion with 4 bedrooms & bathrooms. Her duties were all around household such as chores, cooking, washing, ironing, cleaning, etc. She can cook steam fish, beef broccoli, mushroom soup,corn soup, omelette, fresh salad, etc

04/05/99 to 12/12/04- Philippines, 5 years 7 months, contract completed. Her duties were all around household chores including ironing, washing, marketing & cooking.

Married (36)
Ref: TR4
Upd on 05-Dec-16

Shierma is presently working for an Chinese family. Taking care of special child boy aged 19 years old. She assist in daily needs, bathe, prepare foods, send/fetch from school, playing with him. Previously she work for an Indian family with 2 kids now aged 2months and 2yrs old. She knows how to bathe, change nappies, give vitamins, play with children etc. She has been working for them for 3yrs now but they decided to part ways due to some changes in their needs. She has worked in a 2-storey house before and she managed the house work such as cleaning, laundry, ironing ang cooking. Shiema can cook Chinese-style and Indian dishes like chicken curry, steamed fish, chili prawn, sweet 'n sour fish, stir-fry dishes, spring rolls, bihon; she can make chapati, dahl, paneer parata, fish curry,potatoe curry, vegatable curry, she can make pancakes, green salad, pan-fried salmon, spaghetti bolognese,mashed potato, can easily follow recipe books & willing to learn more. Shierma can be interviewed anytime and ready to start work immediately.

Married (37)
Ref: WHS-2327
Upd on 05-Dec-16

Rizalyn Soriano



Rizalyn, 38, separated with 1 daughter. Her father and sister will be responsible to take care of her daughter while she is away. The reason she wants to work in Singapore as she needs to save and earn money for the future of her child and to help her family.


She describes herself as a hardworking and efficient when it comes her job. During her free time she likes cooking, reading books and house cleaning.


She has experienced working in Kuwait. She took care of a 6 mos old baby. She change it diapers, make milk and watch over the baby all the time.

She also had her OJT on Japan for 3 months, in a Home care, she learned how to cook different food such as Japanese, Italian, Arabic and Chinese food, she also taking care of all elderly in Home Care. She took care of an Elderly people with different health conditions, such as taking care of an elderly who had stroke, had diabetes, and mostly bedridden.

She worked in Saudi for 1 year, She took care of an elderly person who was a bedridden. She has to change her diaper, take her to bath, feed her, monitor her position every hour to avoid bedsore.

According to her the qualities of a good caregiver must be humble, compassionate, responsible and motivated person.


She can cook different food, she is also willing to cook Chinese food in Singapore.


She has experienced taking care of an infant, she also expressed herself that she wants to take care of children in Singapore.

Elder care

She is much willing to take care of Elderly people, as she has experienced taking good care of an Elderly.

Hand phone

She is comfortable that her employer will keep her hand phone during working hours so that she can focus on her work. She will follow the employer's instruction regarding hand phone usage.

2 years contract

She is aware that she will enter into 2 years contract with her future employer and she is committed to finish.


Base on my assessment, She is an experienced caregiver, she is good and can able to manage taking care of a children, infant, and elderly. She can cook too. She is knowledgable and flexible. She is willing to learn and looks teachable. I hope you could manage to view her profile and consider her.

Video interview

To view her personal video interview please click

Eden Grace Maids and Employment Agency Pte Ltd

Address Blk.18 Sin Ming Lane, #07-38 Midview City, Singapore 573960
Office hours - Weekdays 9am to 6pm, Contact Person - Chris Wong @ 91187703 or Susan Lee @ 83891511
After Office Hours- Weekends and Public Holiday, Contact Person - Susan Lee @ 83891511
Office No: 62625562

MOM LIC 13C6831

We believe a happy family and harmonious work-home environment is achievable with the management of expectations and a lifestyle of learning. Eden Grace aspires to cater to your needs for an ideal, dependable maid. We also hope to facilitate a good working relationship through proper integration and education programmes for both parties. We desire to guide domestic helpers to achieve their life goals during employment.

"Building Lives, Building Families"

Separated (38)
Ref: MNL38-0778
Upd on 06-Dec-16

CARMENCITA TORRALBA (40, MARRIED WITH 1 KID, CATHOLIC) is currently working to an Indian family staying in condo. Employer consist of madam, sir and 6 years old. Her main responsibility is to look after the kid where she send and fetch to school, she also does cooking, marketing and general housework. She can cook Chinese dishes: stir fry vegetables, yellow noodles, fried rice, fried fish, steam fish, chicken pie, roast pork, roast chicken, pork soup, beetroot soup, pumpkin soup etc., Western dishes: spaghetti, tuna fetuccini, grilled salmon, grilled steak, grilled sausage. Indian dishes: sambal, stir fry vegetables, chapati etc. willing to learn new cuisine and can follow recipe book. She previously worked to Chinese, Australian, American, German and Korean. She is willing to look after elderly and disabled. Care for children from 7 years old onwards. (Expected Salary: $650 with 4 Sunday off)

Available for immediate transfer, can arrange face to face interview

Married (40)
Ref: GD0919
Upd on 05-Dec-16
Single (32)
Ref: APEXEA-672
Upd on 05-Dec-16

12/2013 to now Working for a Singaporean Chinese family of 3 adults and 2 children ( 3 & 1 yr old ) in a Condo. Taking care of children, and elderly adult, housekeeping, marketing,laundrying, ironing and cooking simple Chinese food. Reason for leaving: Finishing contract

Married (27)
Ref: WPT1333
Upd on 05-Dec-16

EX-TAIWAN 2 YEARS 2010 TO 2012







Married (32)
Ref: N916002
Upd on 01-Dec-16

Ms Melgen has previously worked 2 years 3 months in Kuwait. Did Eldery care for a 70 year old lady and housekeeping. Another helper does the cooking.

Married (34)
Ref: NT 174
Upd on 30-Nov-16

Analiza is married with 2 children 1 and 3 years old, she is currently in The Philippines. She has experience looking after infant/children. She is suitable for care of infant/children.

Married (29)
Ref: Liza ID1...
Upd on 01-Dec-16

Leonila A. Blay is 38 yrs old , single with 8 siblings in the family and she was the 5th among them. She's from Batangas City. She's simple, hardworking, responsible and caring lady. She's very patient with children. She knows how to cater to the children's needs using her calm attitude in dealing with them.She worked for 4 yrs and 5 months with her first employer in Singapore. She worked for a British family with 7, 3yrs old and a new born baby living in a landed property a two storey house. Her duties and responsibilities are household chores, cooking and looking after the kids. The family has also a pet dog. She has to do all around duty like maintining cleanliness in the house ,cooking for the family, caring and feeding their pet dog. She has to bring the dog for grooming once every 3 months and bathing the dog once a week. Her first priority is the newborn baby and the 3 yr old. The 7 yr old is quite independent but she's still under Leonila's care. She is very capable to do all this responsibilities from household chores, childcare and dog sitting.

She worked for a Chinese Singaporean family for 6 months but cannot get along with the other maid so she has gone back to Philippines to take a break.

Leonila is readily available via phone interview. Please contact Shirley at 87007412 for prior arrangement.

Single (38)
Ref: src_rose...
Upd on 01-Dec-16

Sheryl Jurilla Castromayor, a 38-year-old married to a 47-year-old farmer with 4 children aged 19,14, 10 and 3. She completed her high school education in 1995. To support her family, she worked as a kitchen helper in a restaurant, a food packer in a factory and a baby sitter in their province for a few years before being selected to work as a domestic helper in Kuwait in 2007. Currently, she is selling cooked food in her province while waiting for her application in Singapore to be selected.

This applicant is a hardworking and cheerful person with initiative. As an experienced housemaid and a mother of 4 children, she is well versed in doing all household chores, cleaning toilets, mopping floors, washing and ironing of clothes, marketing and cooking. She is capable of taking care of newborns and young children and attending to their daily needs such as bathing, feeding, changing of diapers and clothes and sterilising of utensils and playing and reading of story books. She can cook Filipino food and simple Arabic and Western dishes and is willing to learn more.

Kuwait ( 2007 - 2009 ) served an Arab family living in a 2-storey house with 2 adults and a newborn baby. Her main duties was to take care of the daily needs of the newborn such as feeding, bathing, sterilising baby utensils and changing of diapers. When the newborn was resting, she would clean up the house, washed the toilets, do laundry and ironing of clothes and other duties as and well instructed by her employer. She prepared the family meals and washed the car once a week. She completed her contract and went back to Philippines after serving the family for 2 years.

Philippines ( 2010 - 2013 ) worked as a domestic helper for a Filipino family living in a residential house with 3 adults and 2 children aged 2 and 4. Her work duties include household chores, washing and ironing of clothes and attending to the daily needs of the children. She also assisted the grandmother in preparing the family meals. She served the family for about 3 years.

Upon confirmation, she will undergo in house training in an accredited centre and POEA training and processing prior to deployment to Singapore. She can be interviewed by phone upon request. Recommended salary is $550.00 per month.

Married (38)
Ref: SPN197
Upd on 01-Dec-16

Work Experience:

Iris had worked as a helper in Philippines for 2 years.

(From 2012 to 2014) She worked as a helper in Philippines for her employer. She served 2 adults, 1 elderly and 2 children in the private apartment (4 bedrooms). She was assigned to take care young children (2 & 6 years old) and do all household works including house cleaning, washing clothes, ironing clothes and cooking.

During her employment period, the elderly Ah Gong (70 years old) suffered from major stroke. The helper also needed to look after the elderly Ah Gong by tube feeding, change diaper, bathing, do therapy exercising and other daily needs. (Ah gong passed away and contract finished).

She can cook philippines food and can follow recipes books to cook new dishes. She can also speak Good English.

She is willing to take care baby, children, elderly or disabled person for new employer. She has prior experience taking care her own children (2 & 5 years old) since her children are born

Based on her caregiver certification, she had attended on job training in St. Nino Medical and Diagnostic clinic and had basic nursing care skill like tube feeding, getting blood pressure and pulse rate. She can take care elderly or disabled person by changing diaper, do first aide like cleaning wound and others. She also do childcare like bathing, bottle feeding, change diaper and others.

Currently she is looking for new employer in Singapore. She is ready to come to Singapore in 1 month time upon confirmation.

Maid Introduction:

Iris is 37 years old. She is single parent with 2 children (2 & 5 years old). She is a Catholic and come from Manila, Philippines.

She graduated from Western College of NaicWestern College (1999 - 2000). She also attended DKR's International Caregiving School (2006 - 2007) and obtained Caregiver Certificate.

Asking 1 off day per month.

Single Parent (37)
Ref: G-PHL-A0040
Upd on 04-Dec-16

Zocela is 44 years old still single yet she is able to handle children and infant. She is the 2nd among 4 siblings and has a 2 year course in Midwifery. She has been working abroad since 1994 and up to now she is very much keen to work as long as she can. Zocela is excellent in housekeeping, patient looking after children and can cook Chinese dishes, if given a chance she is willing to learn other types of recipe. She is simple, polite and kind, able to handle task with less supervision, she claimed that she is hard working and she can be trusted. Her working history shows that Zocela has a good attitude when it comes to work.

Nov 2016 - Present: Currently working for Indian family mainly to do general house work and child minding and some cooking.

Jan 2013 - Nov 2016: Zocela worked for a Chinese family living in a Landed House with 4 bedrooms. The family consist of 6 and that includes husband and wife and their 4 children 2 girls and 2 boys. Her main duties are general housekeeping including dusting appliances, vacuuming and mopping the floor, cleaning toilets, do laundry and ironing, she also does marketing and cooking, car washing and do simple gardening. The family decide to let go of Zocela because the children are already independent enough to take care of themselves.

Feb 1994 - Jan 2013: It was her first time to work in Singapore and to be far from her family. Zocela worked for a Chinese family who lives in a 4 bedroom HDB flat with 4 family members consisting of husband and wife and their 2 children ages 2 year old boy and new born baby girl when she joins them. She prioritizes the children as part of her daily routine, she bathe them, feed them plays with them when she has available time and bring them to sleep. Apart from her busy schedule with the children, Zocela manage to maintain the cleanliness of the entire house, she do dusting, changing bed sheets and pillow cases, vacuuming and mopping the floor, she clean the toilets and widows, do laundry and ironing. Zocela also does marketing and cooking. She maintained a good and smooth relationship with the family members.

Zocela is now excited to meet new employer whom she can work with in the future. She is available for interview every Sunday and can join new employer anytime once job is confirmed.


Single (49)
Ref: HHA - 3980
Upd on 06-Dec-16

Jinky is married and mother of 3 grown up children. She is a pleasant lady, humble and independent. She can communicate well and able to understand and follow instructions.

2009-2013 - She had worked here in Singapore to an Indian Singaporean Family of 4 members. The family live in a condo, 3 bedroom. Her main duties are to take care of the two children ages 8 and 6 years old. She does all the house work, cooking, washing and ironing clothes. She is able to cook Indian vegetarian food. Her employer also eat none veg. once in a while specially during week end. Jinky is also allowed to cook some Filipino food for herself whenever she needs to eat Filipino food. She has served the family for almost 5 years. She went home because her passport is going to expire and she also wanted to see her family and spend sometime with them.

August 2008-March 2015- She worked with Indian Family of 4 members. They have 2 kids ages 8 and 4 years old. They lived in a 3-bedroom condo. She do all the housework and cooking. She also send the kids to school and pick them up after school. She played with them and cook for the family. She also do marketing and grocery shopping. Jinky served the family because her madam and the kids went back to India and only sir stay in Singapore for work.

March 2015-present- She serving an Indian Family with 3 members. Her madam was pregnant when she join them, her main responsibilities at that time are to do general housework and cooking Indian food like curry, chapatti, dosa, dal, biryani and other Indian cuisine. After her madam give birth, she took care of the baby tell present. They stayed in a 3 bedroom condo. Jinky is nearing ti finished her contract and she is looking for a new employer for a change.

She can take care of newborn, can look after infant and active children. She is good in house keeping, cooking Indian vegetarian and non- vegetarian food. She is independent and honest person.

For more details, please call us at 67343393

Widowed (43)
Ref: WIPM15
Upd on 06-Dec-16
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