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Maid Agency: OneClick Employment Agency LLP
Type: Ex Singapore
Available: 6 to 8 weeks

Jesser Jane Florentino Somera 32years old, married, Christian , from the Philippines is a mother with 3 kids ages 12 , 9 and 3 years old, is a hardworking, humble and an obedient experience maid. She can handle infant and children, she took care of her own children from birth until now. She can do housework independently, she can use and operate electrical equipment., She is willing to look after elderly too.
Jesser Jane Florentino Somer worked in Singapore for a Chinese family , she took care of an infant 8 month old baby, She did all the housework, cooking, cleaning and washing car in a 3 room hdb with 2 toilets. When the employer moved overseas, she decided to go home. She is good in childcare and she love children.
She is looking for a new employer and is available to come at anytime.

Married (32 yrs)
Ref: OneClick...
Upd on 30-Jan-19
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