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Honest Recruiter Pte Ltd
Licence: 20C0398
Licence# 20C0398
Email enquiry@honestrecruiter.com.sg
Website https://honestrecruiter.netmaid.com.sg

Address 545, Orchard Road,
#04-04, Far East Shopping Centre,
Singapore 238882
Opening Hour 11:00am to 5:00pm
Tel 88400188
Fax ----
Email enquiry@honestrecruiter.com.sg
Contact Eric
EA Personnel ERIC HENG (R2096118)
NAWAS (R1104852)

Understanding the Stress and Financial loss employers encountered when a helper they hired do not work out, and sometime getting a replacement from agency is difficult.....Our agency Honest Recruiter came out with a "No Gimmick" REPLACEMENT & REFUND POLICY.

We provide 03 FREE replacement within a period of 12 months with a very transparent refund policy that is fair and justified.

To ensure the highest standards of quality are met, we personally interview all our applicants to better assess their character, strengths, and abilities. Understanding them better allow helps us to understand what type of families are more suitable for them as well.

Upon understanding your family’s caregiving needs and requirements, we will also interview each helper personally to properly assess and shortlist suitable candidates based on the helper’s character, skillsets, and talents. This allows us to recommend a helper from our agency that best fits you and your family’s needs.

Honest Recruiter also operates our own Helpers Hostel. This gives our clients the assurance that the upkeep, safety and well-being of their helpers are taken care of during their stay with us. It is fully equipped with a dining and a pantry hall where food and snacks are all within reach. Helpers have access to clean air-conditioned rooms, beds, and linens to ensure their stay is comfortable so they can start employment well recharged.

Completing the process for newly arrived helpers requires a lot of coordination and transport arrangements. These includes travelling all over Singapore to clients’ homes, respective Embassies, airports, hotels, medical centres, the Ministry of Manpower, etc. Our dedicated team of drivers work tirelessly to ensure all aspects are taken care of so that our clients can enjoy a seamless process when they engage our service.

Along the way if required, your helper can also receive counselling or be sent to us for more training to adapt to changes in your home care demands.

Rest assured that your journey on engaging a helper will be taken care of from start to end! Engage HONEST RECRUITER services now, and let us take care of the rest.

Last updated on 2023-03-12 11:08:15 +0800
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