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Central Recruitment Solution Pte Ltd
License: 12C6161
License# 12C6161
Email central95_care@hotmail.com; maids_central@hotmail.com
Website https://crs.netmaid.com.sg

Address 865 Mountbatten Road
#01-69 Katong Shopping Centre
Singapore 437844
Opening Hour Monday to Friday : 10:30am to 7:30pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday : 10:00am to 6:00pm
Tel 62479595
Fax 63480974
Email central95_care@hotmail.com
Contact Tan Kheng Wei, Alan / Jennifer Anak Jawa
96254381 / 85066670
EA Personnel Mr Tan Kheng Wei Alan (R1101946)
Ms Jennifer Anak Jawa (R1764080)

Central has more than 10 years of experience in foreigner worker allotments and maid supply business. With our station in Katong Shopping Centre, one of the maid hub in Singapore we have served thousands of satisfied happy customers while helper worked with Employer till today.

With the objective "Central Exist, To Provide Fair Employment", we seek to provide sincere & honest services to our customer. While we cannot guarantee 100% no problem maids, team Central strive to continually improve quality of the helper from carefully selected helper, structured training and personalised counselling. We are committed in this manner, because we think and feel you and your loved ones deserve a harmony and safe homes with a trusted helper. In 2017, we were awarded “Top Business Brand in Manpower Labour & Business Trustfor excellent service practices and demonstrating exemplary business practices and a commitment to trade fairly and being honest to consumers and business partners in the business field.  

  • One stop solutions for your domestic helper/maid needs.
  • We focus on Indonesia & Myanmar helpers specialized in infant-care/ childcare and elderly care.
  • We seek best match. To us, best match means right helper for employer, and right employer for helper.
  • We recommend helpers based on personalized interview with both employers and maids.
  • No hard selling. No match = no deal.
  • Personalized, sincere & honest service.
  • Fast services & processing: helper arrival as soon as within 2 weeks, no longer than 8 weeks.

Our motto is "Central Exist, To Provide Fair Employment ". Call us now for a non-obligatory discussion.

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