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Maid Name
Patiatun Mohamad Yasir
Ref. Code
Rest Day Preference
0-1 rest days per month
Maid Agency
Secondary level (8~9 yrs)
Language Skill
English (Excellent, 10 yrs)
Mandarin/Chinese-Dialect (Excellent, 10 yrs)
Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia (Excellent, 10 yrs)
& Experience
Care for Infant/Children   10 yr
Care for Elderly   -
Care for Disabled   -
General Housework   10 yr
Cooking   10 yr
Other Information
Able to handle pork?
Able to eat pork?
Able to handle beef?
Able to care dog/cat?
Able to do gardening work?
Able to do simple sewing?
Willing to wash car?
Working Experience
Hongkong 6 yr
Singapore 4 yr
Ina Employment AGency
License: 18C9356
License# 18C9356
Email inaemployment@gmail.com
Website https://ina.netmaid.com.sg

Address 55 Changi Road,
#01-05 Millage
Singapore 419709
Opening Hour 11:00am to 7:00pm
Tel 6909 8153
Fax ----
Email Inaemployment@gmail.com
Contact Danial
EA Personnel Danial (R1879910)

Ina Employment Agency was established in 2018. Specializing in the employment of foreign domestic workers to work in Singapore. Ina Employment Agency strives to be the best when delivering services to meet employer’s expectation and satisfaction.

Ina Employment Agency is accredited by the Indonesian Embassy. This was done to ensure that Ina Employment’s customer feels safe and secure when engaging the agency to meet their domestic worker needs.

Ina Employment Agency specializes in the employment of Indonesian female worker, mainly from eastern to central Java parts of Indonesia and with a training center in Indonesia. Ina Employment Agency personally trains each and every domestic worker to meet the high standards of employers in Singapore.

Each and every domestic worker is meticulously trained in areas of infant care, childcare, elder care, general housekeeping, gardening and cooking. This is done to ensure that each domestic worker is equipped with the right skills and knowledge to meet employer’s requirements when working in Singapore.

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