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2 rest days per month
High School (10~12 yrs)
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Hongkong 3 yr
Singapore 11 yr
Taiwan 3 yr
H Era Employment Services
License: 08C4991
License# 08C4991
Email h.eramaid@hotmail.com
Website https://hera.netmaid.com.sg

Main Office 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road
# 03-71 ( Bukit Timah Shopping Centre) , Singapore 588179
Opening Hour 10:00am to 6:00pm
Tel 91112108
Fax ------
Email h.eramaid@hotmail.com
Contact Hana Tan
EA Personnel Hana Tan / Hana Erawati R ( Reg No : R1100066 )

Branch PT. Orientasari Mahkota
Jalan Antartika No. 2A,
Buduran Sidoarjo Jatim, Indonesia
Tel +62.82-284-995-659
Fax ----
Email pt_orientasari_mahkota@ymail.com
Contact Agus Rustandi

H.ERA Employment Services (Singapore license no 08C4991) was established in 2007. In order to maintain the quality of our workers and the efficiency of documentation, we set up our Indonesia Branch Offices in 2007 respectively so as to facilitate the complete whole operation system.

Also, to strengthen our services to our Customers we have set up training center in order to make it more convenient to manage and guide the workers. Even though our hardware is close to perfection, we still need extensive and mature experiences to be able to act as a successful bridge between the Employer and the foreign worker, so as to give them fair and reasonable guidance.

Through our years of experience, we have successfully provided a wide range of reliable well trained workers and have brought satisfactory services to many families. Owing to our specialization, we have succeeded in supplying domestic helpers to Singapore, thus again proving that we have reached an international level of specialization.

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