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2 rest days per month
Date of Birth
24/05/1984 (age: 35 yrs)
Place of Birth
Wonosobo Indonesia
155 cm / 58 kg
Marital Status
1 (age 11 Girl)
High School (10~12 yrs)
Language Skill
English (Good, 0 yrs)
Mandarin/Chinese-Dialect (Fair, 0 yrs)
& Experience
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Working Experience
Singapore 11 yr 3 mo
Maid Introduction

Rohmatun (aka Cynthia) is 36 years old. She is a single parent with a 11 year old daughter. She comes from Wonosobo Indonesia. She is the only child in the family and she lives with her widowed mother and her daughter. Rohmatun has been working in SG since 2008 and had been through several employers.

Employment History

Year 11/11/2008 to 01/04/2009

5 months. SG. Chinese family. Rohmatun's first overseas job as domestic helper. Family of 4 adults including an elderly grandfather. Her employer lived in a 3-storey bungalow with 7 bedrooms in Serangoon Gardens.Rohmatun did all cleaning, wshing, laundry ironing  and cooking for the family. She cooked every day for almost 13 persons (some of the family members who didnt live there will always go over for dinner everyday). Apart from that, she was made to do housekeeping chores in another 3 bedroom HDB flat which belongs to the employer everyday. Rohmatun also cared for the grandfather daily needs such as shower, cook and toileting. She had no off days. She left after 5 months as she felt it was too tough to work on 2 houses and so many people. Transfered to new employer.

Year 01/04/2009 to 07/11/2009

8 months. SG. Indian family. 5 adults and one 7 month old baby boy. They lived in a 5room HDB flat in Bt Purmei. Main duties were all general housekeeping chores and infant care. She slept with the baby at nght and did all the night feeds. In the day, she had to do all cleaning, washing, laundry etc. After 5 months into the job, Rohmatun was asked to follow her Madam back to her house in KL Malaysia to work. She had to come back every month to and fro Malaysia & SG and she felt it was too tiring for her. She requested to leave and was granted a transfer. She completed 8 months.

Year 07/11/2009 to 26/05/2011

1 year 6 months. SG. Chinese family. 2 adults and 2 children ages 5 and newborn baby. 5room HDB in Telok Blangah. Rohmatun did all cleaning, washing, laundry ironing except cooking by madam. As the family's routine was to skip breakfast and have only lunch and dinner, Rohmatun was not allowed any food until after 2pm and after a while, she had no energy to do housework. And sometimes she was forced to eat pork mixed into the dishes. She left after 1 year and 6 months.

Year 26/05/2011 to 01/11/2013

2 year 6 months. Finished contract. SG. Indian family. 2 adults. Sir and adult daughter. 5room HDB in CCK. Rohmatun cleaned , washed, cooked for the father and daughter daily. After 1 year, her employer fell sick and became bedridden. Overnight her routine was changed from normal housekeeping chores to housekeeping plus caregiver duties. She helped to tube feed her sir, washed and changed several cloth diapers many times a day as the daughter insisted in using cloth diapers instead of disposables ones. Rohmatun still completed her 2 year contract and extended another 6 months before she left.

Year 01/11/2013 to 04/04/2019

5 years 4 months. Finished contract. SG. Chinese family 2 adults and 2 children, including a 73 year old grandfather. All housekeeping chores and also looking after the children. Rohmatun took care of the first baby from newborn until he was 6 years old , with another younger 2 year old brother when she left. She completed 5 years and 4 months with this family, until her employer (the grandfather) passed away. She left for another new job.

Year 04/04/2019 to 08/06/2019

2 months. SG. Chinese family of 2 adults and 2 teenage children 15,17 years old. 5roomHDB at Tampines. Basic duties were all housekeeping chores plus marketing and cooking. The daily routine was tough, 5am to 2am. Insufficient sleep, no privacy when sleeping, and no calls allowed at night to family were the main reasons Rohatun left after 2 months.

Year 08/06/2019 to Present

8 months. SG. Chinese family. Mother and adult son. HDB3room flat. Cleaning and cooking. Mdm sometimes overseas for long period without leaving money to buy any food. And Rohmatun feels uncomfortable that many strangers from different countries come and go with short stays frequently in the house. She wants to quit and return to Indonesia to take a break.

Rohmatun is a very experienced domestic helper having worked with different families here in SG. She has good command of English and can also speak and understand Mandarin very well. She has a positive and cheery attitude. She can cook many Indonesian, Chinese, Indian dishes eg, sayur lodeh, lontong, beef rendang, nasi lemak , nasi campur, mee soto, briyani chicken/mutton, chapati, chicken/prawn/fish masala, butter chicken, sweet sour pork, fired hokkien mee etc. She loves being around children and looking after babies. She would be a good fit for families looking for a matured independant worker to help care for children and housekeeping.

If you are interested in her profile and wants further interview, please contact me at 90170733.

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