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good friend to add an application
06-01-2020, 10:52 AM,
good friend to add an application
To not arouse that mysterious person's bad impression, China especially frequently set of especially the work didn't get in touch with cellular phone holder limits of the earth horse.That horse limits of the earth doesn't know that his/her own cellular phone is a bridge, two squares the influence talked the ownership of a valuables that is good enough to influence structure and form in the world in his cellular phone.That mysterious person after making use of the cellular phone discharge of finishing limits of the earth horse disappear to have no Zong, be China especially frequently the technical personnel of set also can not find this mysterious person's trace.
    The assistance Zhi of the unmanned machine the brain is very strong, can act in the freedom, but have the biggest weakness, that be can not break other people of encrypt system, is also say all places that demand passwords just can land, it enters not to go.So when it needs to be downloaded some only then the member can download of data of time, will personal virtual information to apply for a member, after getting an approval with lend a password to log on just can download the other people's data.Lend support to although the Zhi brain has this weakness,it is in the activity can't leave footprint, this is also especially frequently the technical personnel of set can not find out its reason in the movable trace.
Visiting bateau is then matchless and depressed, on the time in insularity she faces huge danger, so just the important excellent dish entrust to a China come of common visitor, who know this visitor not common at all, even still have to be severe than her, massacred so many rices day allied troops, also led long to pull in the mysterious unmanned fuselage.Pass science and technology means more now, use other people cellular phone heat the point successfully once deceived they and let their violent technical personnels all could not find the trace of the other party, canned be led long a nose by the other party to walk.
    However especially frequently the personnel of set also has no way, can not also contact the other party on their own initiative by their current strength, so can every moment raise a vigilance and work well to accept the preparation that the new information arrives.
    8:00 p.m., be segment maple leaf and the bateau wait hope to see fervently of time, prestige on their computer up appeared a good friend to add an application, wholesale Plantation shutters they hurriedly click, see application contents up write "insularity" two words.
    Thankful book friend:Recreation is life, beer fried chicken the leg beat to appreciate!Appreciate everyone's monthly ticket and recommend support!
    The application that discovers the other party visits bateau to hurriedly click approval and adds the other party as own good friend.
    The other party hair comes over an information right away:"You arrive evil all?"
    Visit bateau beginning typing:"You live in the insularity of how much is the room address ?"
    The prestige is there silent for a while, sent out an address to come over, said:"You trust, I am the person who contacts you in the morning, just because some reason, I changed a prestige."
    It is exactly the address that is previous in the insularity to visit bateau to see the address that the other party hair comes over, hence confirmed the identity of the other party, wrote a way on the prestige:"We have already arrived evil all, now just in the evil city area."
    Probably lead more than ten minutes, the other party just say:"You open evil all map, look for a place that is called to tingle Liu Tuo on the map."
    The technical personnel of flank starts positioning right away, detection numb Liu Tuo is to be located in evil all a very secluded powerful supporter of the west small town.
    The other party hair sends a letter here interest:"Find out that place?"
    Visit bateau to reply:"Have already found out position!"
    The other party says:"After two hours, we meeteach other at numb Liu Tuo, I visit relatives when the time comes from return the thing to you."
    The other party finishes saying, the prestige logged out.
    The segment maple leaf sees toward flank of technical personnel, the technical personnel says:"The debarkation address of this prestige is the coffee shop that evil city area a 24 hours do business, what he uses is free WIFI that the coffee shop provides.Farthest link distance according to WIFI, we have already transfered several hundreds of eye techniques that shoot to be like supervision, make use of the latest sky of neighborhood, but at shoot to be like head in don't discover the figures of the other party. wooden shutters blinds
17-01-2020, 10:12 AM,
RE: good friend to add an application
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22-01-2020, 06:35 PM,
RE: good friend to add an application
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