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Beware of This Horrible Maid!
11-12-2019, 09:02 AM, (This post was last modified: 11-12-2019, 09:05 AM by Fan Zinc.)
Beware of This Horrible Maid!
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Hi To-Whoever-Reading-This,

This is a scam and runaway case who have been reported to the SPF and MOM. Please take note of the Chinese-Cantonese speaking maid mentioned in this post and avoid hiring if you ever come across her profile. Totally irresponsible and greedy! 

This shameless slut from Indonesia has been working in Singapore at my friend grandmother's house since May 2018.

She always put on a nice, friendly attitude in front of people to gain their trust. She acted as if she cares a lot for older folks only to find chances to steal from them once the elderly have their guards down!
Despite getting her full salary on time monthly (and sometimes in advance upon her request, saying that her family is in trouble back in Indonesia), she always claimed that she is broke! How “broke” can she be when her daily needs and food are all taken care of?!
Last Thursday, 28 November, she called my friend and told her that that her mother is dying in Surabaya and she need to go back to see her for the last time. My friend trusted her words and immediately booked an air ticket for her to leave on the 2nd December, with a return ticket dated 7th December for her to come back to continue her contract.
However, after advancing full pay for December (She mentioned she needed the money for hospital bill) and left on the 2nd December, she did not return as promised. And to my friend’s horror, she stole some of the valuables from her grandmother, her brother’s spare mobile phone and she even borrowed heavily from other maids working in nearby household before she left!
This is a scam! My friend checked out her IG and face book page and still see her posting like normal! WTF happened with “mother dying”?! It sure doesn’t look that way!
My dear friends out there, please take note of this woman Sudarsih! Never hire her for your household! My friend has already made a police report on the fraud and reported the matter to MOM to get this parasite black listed so that she cannot come back here to prey on other families.
Kindly share this post so that household looking for domestic worker can be cautioned against this cheat!
Check out this slut here
Some toxic honey indeed! What goes around comes around! Karma will find her soon!
Thank you for sharing!

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29-01-2020, 02:37 AM,
RE: Beware of This Horrible Maid!
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