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Jarvis Landry believes Browns are playoff ready Newcomer
15-12-2018, 03:25 PM,
Jarvis Landry believes Browns are playoff ready Newcomer
and three-time Pro Bowl receiver Jarvis Landry , the NFL’s reception leader in 2017, believes the Cleveland Browns have the talent to reach the playoffs, something they haven’t done since 2002.“I know for sure that we are definitely a playoff-caliber team,” Landry said during a recent phone interview with the Beacon Journal’s Nate Ulrich.For sure.Definitely.This is a for sure bold proclamation, but it is not crazy rhetoric by the new Cleveland Brown.One of the first keys to success is belief, and Landry has it in spades.“[I]t’s great to have those type of aspirations for yourself, for your team, and, honestly, for me, that’s how we’re supposed to think,” Landry said.“That’s what we’re supposed to believe, and the more that that mindset becomes the mindset of the locker room, it’s going to help us get that much better.”There have also been plenty of examples of NFL teams going from “worst to first.” Given the amount of roster and management turnover from season to season, along with some luck needed to find success, it is bound to happen every so often.Most notably Youth Emmanuel Ogbah Jersey , and applicably, the 2013 Kansas City Chiefs went 11-5, nearly winning the AFC West Division and reaching the playoffs just one year removed from winning only two games.There is a common link to this year’s Browns, too. New general manager John Dorsey joined the Chiefs before that resurgence, prompting them to four playoff appearances in five years. Dorsey has categorically reshaped the Browns, using the ammunition left over by departed executive Sashi Brown.Landry has been to the playoffs. He knows what it takes. He is inside the Browns locker room and sees exactly what we all see looking on from afar.The Browns have added Super Bowl winning veterans like Jamie Collins and Mychael Kendricks. Haley is an accomplished playcaller who will take a lot of the stress off Hue Jackson, allowing him to focus more on high level team management. Josh Gordon appears to be on track for a colossal NFL comeback. The team’s quarterback position looks to be in better shape than it has been in decades, with Tyrod Taylor steering the ship until rookie Baker Mayfield is ready to take over.Think about the first words that come to mind when contemplating what constitutes success. Mine are: inertia, momentum, belief, hard work, and dedication.Everyone is talented who reaches the NFL level. These players have reached the pinnacle of their sport, they are the best of the best. But mindset and determination are what it takes to push a group of these elite athletes to the greatest heights.“I want a championship so bad, so, so bad, and that’s my mindset Youth Duke Johnson Jr Jersey ,” said Landry. “I know in the offseason I train to win the Super Bowl every year. Now whether that happens — it hasn’t happened yet — but that’s what I train for, and that’s what my mindset is.“So I treat every game as a championship game, and I think that that’s the next step for me in my career — obviously, continue to grow as a player, but winning a championship, and not just talking about it, actually pursuing it and doing the things necessary to go get one.”No matter what the Browns do in 2018, Landry’s attitude and approach to his craft is commendable. If it spreads, it is this type of approach to the game that will enable this specific group of players to forget the recent past and to change the franchise’s trajectory. After years, and years of losing and disappointment, it appears that trajectory is finally rising. Hue Jackson didn't lose his nerve.Fired this week by the Browns after winning just three of 40 games in two plus-seasons, Jackson on Friday disputed owner Jimmy Haslam's assertion there was "internal discord" on the coaching staff that made his dismissal — along with offensive coordinator Todd Haley's — necessary.Days after being let go, Jackson appeared on ESPN to defend his record, describe regrets and essentially audition for another job.On Monday, Haslam, who has fired four coaches in six years White Jarvis Landry Jersey , intimated that in-fighting between Jackson and Haley were at the root of his decision to make a change halfway through the season.Jackson disagreed with his former boss and said he wanted to "set the record straight.""I don't really think it was truly just about internal discord," said Jackson, who went 1-15, 0-15 and 2-5-1 with Cleveland. "I think that's a strong word. I think you have disagreements with coaches — with Todd, with (defensive coordinator) Gregg Williams, with Amos Jones, who is also the special teams coordinator. I don't think that's internal discord. I think when you look at it, the organization made a decision to go in a different direction."Jackson knows he didn't win nearly enough, and he has some misgiving about the way he handled things. Following a recent loss to Tampa Bay, a frustrated Jackson said he intended to "dive in" and help Haley. Jackson said he was only trying to help, but the comments widened a rift with Haley and sent a shockwave through the team's front office.Jackson feels that ultimately the decision to let him go was to protect rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield, who may finally end the franchise's search for a long-term QB."I think when you really stop to look at it, it's truly really about Baker Mayfield," Jackson said. "I think they want to do everything they can to put him in a situation. You got the first pick of the draft, who I think is going to be a franchise quarterback who is going to be a sensational player, and he's not playing as well. So again Youth Jabrill Peppers Jersey , here is a perfect storm to move forward and move on. And I have to respect the decision that they made."Jackson said he was the one who hired Haley, who spent the previous six seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Jackson didn't want to relinquish play-calling duties — he was also Cleveland's offensive coordinator in his first two seasons — but he felt it would be better if he got help.Jackson now admits he should have never "given away the offense.""I knew that Todd Haley was a proven offensive play-caller, veteran play-caller in our division. Why would you not?" Jackson said of Haley's hiring. "I mean, let's be honest, I knew I was on the clock. You can't be 1-15, 0-16 and think, you know you can go through the season and not win football games. I wanted to surround myself with guys that have done it, and done it at a high level, and Todd Haley was definitely one of those guys."Jackson said he felt it was important to go public with his feelings just days after being fired."I want people to understand — I'm human just like anybody else," he said. "At the end of the day, I didn't do enough. We didn't do enough to get the job done in Cleveland. So what am I supposed to do? I'm not going to go crawl into a hole and say pull the covers."Jackson knows his 11-44-1 record as a head coach doesn't make him attractive to lead a team."I hope the next opportunity for me is to go back and be a coordinator first and foremost," he said. "Go back and put my name back to where it should be, among some of the best play callers in this league. And then to move forward from there.
04-03-2020, 08:01 PM,
RE: Jarvis Landry believes Browns are playoff ready Newcomer
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