Nanyang Maids Agency
License: 19C9817
License# 19C9817

Address 18 Boon Lay Way, #09-129, TradeHub21, Singapore 609966
Opening Hour 10:00am to 8:00pm
Tel +65 87779817
Fax ----
Contact ZAY ZAY
8777 9817
EA Personnel ZAY ZAY TUN LWIN( R1100881)

The Preferred and Trusted Maid Agency by Many Families and Employers
Nanyang Maid Agency was established in 2013 and have helped many families and employers to hire their helpers. 
We specialize in helping Singapore families to hire well-trained and experienced household domestic helpers from Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines and India.   
While we always strive to provide the best services to our clients, our agency service fee is the most affordable in the market. 
Please call or WhatsApp us at 87779817 for any enquiries.

Nanyang Maids Agency is providing helper’s service with caring employer needs and sharing employer’s frustration.

  • How does Nanyang Maids Agency Care for this employer’s frustration?

By sharing the employer's frustrationBy caring employer’s requirements, we maintain our professional services for every procedure of hiring helpers.

  • Why do employers use Nanyang Maids Agency Services?

  1. Our Agency fee is the lowest Agency Fee in the Market.

  2. Our helpers are well trained and chosen carefully, they all have good attitudes and are capable. 

  3. We filter and select the helpers with the best quality and attitude.

  4. We have the same nationality manager to provide counselling and translation.

  5. We have a lot of biodatas to match a suitable candidate for any kind of requirements from employers.

  6. We make sure every employer gets the right helper and open interview with the helper directly.

  7. We provide follow up service within 2 years during the helper’s deployment.

  8. We are always welcome to solve any helpers’ issues and suggest the best solution for both parties.

  •  How to get the helper from Nanyang Maids Agency?

  1. Step 1: Pls WhatsApp 87779817, get the latest available bios.

  2. Step 2: Interview with the selected helper. Make First agency Fee Payment.

  3. Step 3: Just wait 1 month at your home to get your new helper. We will send your helper to your doorstep.

 * Nanyang Maids Agency provides every single service of hiring a helper.*

    Let us handle your Frustration and be peaceful yourself to get a RIGHT helper.

LIC NO: 19C9817