Lax's Good Hope Employment Agency
License: 12C5512
License# 12C5512

Address Blk 683 Tessensohn Rd
#01 - 125
Singapore 210683

Opening Hour 10:00am to 7:00pm
Tel 9371 2903
Fax ---
Contact D. Lakshmi
9371 2903
EA Personnel D. LAKSHMI (R1103661)

LAX's Good Hope Employment Agency (Agency License No: 12C5512) was established in 2012 as a licensed and accredited employment and recruitment agency specializing in the recruitment of qualified foreign domestic helpers from India and Sri Lanka emphasizing on home care.

Helm by human resource professionals with more than a decade of human resource management training and experience, we seek to ensure our clientele benefits from the efficiency and dedication of the domestic helpers that we recruit.

Affiliated training centers in India and Singapore provide relevant training to hone the domestic care skills of potential foreign domestic helpers. Besides providing training, we also help towards integrating these foreign domestic helpers into Singapore's cultural practices within the social fabric of families and relatives.

We also update our affiliated training centres on the latest technology in home appliances and equipment that have come on stream in the households so our training programs will remain relevant and appropriate to keep up to the rising living standard in Singapore.

Currently we provide:

North Indian Maids(Hindi Speaking)
South Indian Maids(Tamil Speaking)
Srilankan Maids