Sunflower Employment Agency
License: 10C4231
License# 10C4231

Address Blk 28, Jalan Bukit Merah,
Singapore 152028
(Located with a HDB Carpark infront of Blk 28, Near road junction of Hoy Fatt Road and Jalan Bukit Merah, next to ABC Market, take bus number 14,123,139,147,153,196,197,198,855 and 961. Take MRT to Commonwealth MRT Station and then take bus number 147, 196 and 198, alight at 6th or 7th bus stop)
Opening Hour Monday to Friday : 10:00am to 7:00pm,
Saturday: 10:30am to 3:00pm,
Sunday / Public Holiday: Closed except by appointment.
Tel +65-9129-4343
Fax Nil
Contact Jennifer/Frankie
9129-4343/ 9825-0606
EA Personnel Lai Kim Yian Jennifer R1105156 (hp 91294343)
Goh Lip Yong Frankie R1105221 (hp 98250606)

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10 Reasons to Choose Sunflower Employment Agency

Reason 1:

We are licensed under the Ministry of Manpower (Licence No:  10C4231).

Reason 2:

We comply with rules and regulations of the Ministry of Manpower with ZERO demerit point.

Reason 3:

We specialize in recruiting a large number of fresh, Ex-abroad and Ex-Singapore foreign domestic workers from 3 different countries of origin to match your needs.

Reason 4:

We have good experience in sourcing and placement of maids to meet the needs of first-timer employers, experienced employers, both local or expatriate families.

Reason 5:

We successfully completed many placement of direct hired maids for both local or expatriate families.

Reason 6:

Most of our clients are referred by their friends or relatives who had experienced professional and friendly services from our agency.

Reason 7:

Our staff are well verse in non-simple application cases (e.g. special application with MP letter, special appeal for additional maids due to needs of physical challenged patient, sponsorship case, etc)

Reason 8:

We provide face-to-face in depth counselling to improve the performance of maid and resolve communication barriers between maid and employer.

Reason 9:

We provide value-for-money service at reasonable agency service fee with no hidden costs.

Reason 10:

Our agency is easy to access via AYE and CTE, with ample HDB car parking lots in front of my agency.