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Licence# 97C5180

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AM a household name for 27 years since 1996, has been serving Employers and Employees dutifully and professionally. We matched our clientele with a careful selection process such as video interviews, and personal selection. After each and every interview, we will pre-qualified the candidates.  In this case, Employers will save time on their tedious selection process.

We have dealt with all kinds of disputes and misunderstandings which will be resolved through counseling and amicable discussions.  We strike a WIN-WIN situation for both parties so as to build a respectful and cordial working relationship.

We have many successful employees who worked 10 years or more without a change of employment and satisfied employers happy with employees' performance. Looking back at past records, we have made good matches thus we get many referrals and repeat businesses.

We look forward to our 30 years of service to provide our clients with a much higher level of satisfaction.