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One-third of maids take weekly day-off - zlim - 16-04-2014

Only 1/3 of maids take their weekly day-off.

There are 2 reasons for such a low proportion:

1. Some employers cannot cope without their maid if they have members of family (babies, elderly, disabled) that require constant help. Some employers prefer to compensate their maids for day-off for fear that their maids will misbehave when mixed with others.

2. Some maids prefer to be compensated for their weekly day-off because they want to earn more money.

The clubhouse set up by Foreign Domestic Worker Association for Social Support and Training, which will be opened next month, has signed up 200 maids so far.

RE: One-third of maids take weekly day-off - jamesmaguire - 29-05-2014

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