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New Rules for Myanmar Maids - zlim - 24-03-2014

Myanmar has, finally, legalized maids to work in Singapore. With the legalization, new rules are announced:
1. Maids must receive a minimum monthly wage of $450.
2. Minimum 1 day off per month
3. Maids must not be made to pay recruitment fees of more than 4 months salary
Also, maids will attend a month-long training before they can come to work in Singapore.
There are currently about 50,000 Myanmar maids working in Singapore.
However, it is a known fact that Myanmar maids turnover rate has been higher than their Indonesia or Philippines counterparts. Industry sources attributed this to the very high recruitment fees that Myanmar maids are made to pay: about 8 months salary.
As a comparison: Indonesia government capped the recruitment fees their maids have to pay to about $2000, Philippines government does not want their maids to pay any recruitment fees.